Pavilion Technologies and Thermo Electron Partner for Pharmaceutical Industry

AUSTIN, Texas – Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in advanced process control (APC) and environmental compliance solutions, and Thermo Electron, a world leader in analytical instruments, today announced a worldwide strategic joint marketing agreement to deliver complete solutions of software, process analyzers and consulting services to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) needs. Available immediately, the offering is intended to serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for pharmaceutical customers seeking proven, best-of-breed technology solutions from analyzers to multivariate data analysis to model-predictive control. “The key to the success of PAT is the ability to analyze your process and identify sources of variability which may include process, product, or disturbance-related variables. Organizations can then leverage this process understanding to continuously reduce that variability to cut costs, increase yield and enhance product quality,” said John Blanchard, senior pharmaceutical analyst, ARC Advisory Group. “Together, Pavilion and Thermo Electron provide a powerful solution that combines cutting-edge scientific and engineering knowledge with industry-proven technology solutions to minimize risk and maximize value to the pharmaceutical industry.” As part of the strategic alliance, Thermo Electron and Pavilion will offer a complete pharmaceutical solution that will enable manufacturers to leverage real-time analyzer data to build robust process models, enhance process understanding and improve production performance. The joint offering will include Thermo’s real-time process analyzers, and Pavilion ’s multivariate data analysis, Soft Sensor® online analyzers, model-predictive control, and predictive performance management software powered by Pavilion 8™. The two-year agreement provides Thermo Electron’s pharmaceutical clients worldwide with access to Pavilion’s solutions. “We are pleased to partner with a proven technology leader like Pavilion, whose deep industry expertise has helped leading manufacturers in numerous industries increase performance results and enhance quality assurance for more than 14 years,” said Zafar Kamal, director of strategic marketing and new business development, Thermo Electron. “In selecting the ideal portfolio of best-of-breed solutions which support the PAT vision, Pavilion clearly stood out for the strengths of its entire suite – from multivariate data analysis, online Soft Sensor support and model predictive control capabilities.” In addition to the pharmaceutical sector, the new combined technology offering will be available to other Thermo clients where real-time process monitoring, process understanding and control provide significant value.

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