PerkinElmer Introduces the EcoAnalytix™ Biodiesel Glycerin and Methanol Analyzer

PerkinElmer introduces the EcoAnalytix™ Biodiesel Glycerin and Methanol Analyzer, providing a unique and complete solution to test biodiesel using gas chromatography (GC) test methods included in both the EN and ASTM standards. The Analyzer includes installation, training, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and preconfigured methods to ensure rapid startup and consistent ease of use.

The Analyzer features the Clarus® 500 Gas Chromatograph (GC) with an innovative dual-oven design coupled with a TurboMatrix™ Headspace Sampler for the analysis of both free and total glycerin (EN 14105, ASTM D6584) as well as residual methanol (EN 14110) with a single integrated Headspace-GC sampling system.

The oven design allows laboratories to complete two types of GC analyses on a single instrument without the need to modify hardware setup and thereby increases productivity. Previously, two GC instruments or modifications to hardware setup were necessary.

The Analyzer is part of EcoAnalytix, PerkinElmer’s revolutionary problem-solving initiative that addresses the global imperatives of food and consumer product safety, water quality and sustainable energy development to create a healthy and safe environment. The initiative encompasses comprehensive application-focused solutions with innovative thought leadership and public outreach programs that will bring insights from top scientists, industry experts and government agencies directly to customers. One key component of the initiative is analyzers that combine the necessary product offerings with the applications, methodologies and standard operating procedures and training required to complete specific analyses in food and consumer product safety, water quality and sustainable energy development.

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