Phenomenex Introduces Zebronä Capillary GC Columns

High Performance GC columns at an excellent price!

Phenomenex introduces a new line of high performance GC columns with identical phase characteristics to all the standard columns. The advanced new polymer technology results in extremely temperature-stable, highly inert capillary columns. Method transfer is fast and uncomplicated. All Zebron columns are individually tested and available in most popular phases and dimensions. Several phases are MS-certified, and one new polysilarylene phase, the ZB-5MS, provides high performance for Mass applications at a very attractive price.

With the Zebron line of GC columns, flatter baselines are achieved during temperature programming and sensitivity is increased for trace analysis. Baseline equilibration is faster, and detector contamination and noise are reduced. Exceptionally low bleed also extends the upper temperature limits of these columns. The benefits are faster purging of high molecular weight fractions and reduced analysis times. The need for thin-film columns is reduced; one column with thicker film can do a wider range of analyses under higher loading conditions.

Zebron GC columns are available in all the popular phases at very significant cost savings. Current Zebron phases replace DB-1, DB-5, DB-5ms, DB-35, DB-17, DB-1701, DB-624, DB-WAX and DB-FFAP or any equivalent column from any manufacturer. Performance is guaranteed.


Phenomenex is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of columns and related products for separation sciences:

· High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

· Gas Chromatography (GC)

· Electrophoresis (CE and Gel)

· Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Flash Chromatography


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