PL BioScience and Macopharma enter into a Patent License and Assignment Agreement regarding Human Platelet Lysate (HPL) cell culture supplements.

The companies agree to a worldwide Human Platelet Lysate (HPL) Patent License and Assignment Agreement, including redirection of HPL customers from Macopharma to PL BioScience.

AACHEN, Germany — PL BioScience GmbH, a German life science company specializing in the production and development of Human Platelet Lysate (HPL) for cell expansion, today announced a Patent License and Assignment Agreement with the French company Macopharma S.A.S. As a result of the Agreement, PL BioScience will hereby accept a worldwide license under the patents filed by Macopharma, with a right to sublicense (through multiple tiers), for the duration of the license period.

In addition to the Patent License and Assignment Agreement, Macopharma will introduce PL BioScience to their current HPL customers, and thanks to a comprehensive comparative evaluation showing equivalence of HPL products from PL BioScience, Macopharma HPL customers will have the opportunity to transfer their future orders to PL BioScience with minimal disruption.

About PL BioScience:

Located in Aachen in Germany, PL BioScience GmbH is a life science company specializing in the production and development of Human Platelet Lysate (HPL), offering a complete portfolio of HPL products tailored for various use cases; from standard laboratory research to GMP cell therapies. From academic research, pre-clinical research, and cell therapy, the high quality GMP compliant standards of ELAREM™ ensures seamless transitions of regenerative medicine breakthroughs – from the lab to patients in need.

About Macopharma

Founded in 1977, Macopharma is a major player in the medical devices industry in the blood sector. Based in Tourcoing, in the North of France (59), its development has always been driven by important innovations, results of investments made in research and development and collaborations customers and partners (blood transfusion centers, research laboratories, hospitals…). For all these activities, Macopharma offers a range of solutions that respond to each step of the process from donor to patient.

With more than 2000 employees, 3 plants (in France, Poland and Tunisia) and a presence in nearly 100 countries worldwide, Macopharma’s vision is to provide sustainable products and integrated services to ensure safe and secured blood component solutions to every patient in the world.

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