Pluristyx/panCELLa Become Industry Resource Partner with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The partnership will improve access to clinical-grade genetically-modified induced pluripotent stem cells

SEATTLE — Pluristyx and panCELLa, a merged biotechnology company with offices in Seattle, WA and Toronto, Ontario, CA, are excited to announce their acceptance as an Industry Resource Partner (IRP) with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). This partnership provides CIRM awardees with improved access to Pluristyx/panCELLa’s highly-characterized and genetically-modified induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) containing industry-leading FailSafe™ and iACT Stealth Cell ™ technologies.

Approved iPSC lines are available under Pluristyx/panCELLa’s unique ‘try-before-you-buy’ research evaluation model, allowing CIRM awardees to assess the suitability of multiple lines in parallel to select an appropriate line prior to licensing. All Pluristyx/panCELLa iPSCs are derived from fully-consented and regulatory appropriate donors procured under Good Tissue Practices (GTP) to provide streamlined access to a clinical-grade version for human trials. All iPSCs can be made available in Pluristyx/panCELLa’s proprietary Ready-to-Differentiate® format to allow for rapid evaluation and downstream manufacturing by eliminating the need for additional expansion out of thaw. Pluristyx/panCELLa can further assist CIRM grantees with customized cell line and process development services as needed to speed the transition of their revolutionary therapies into the clinic.

Benjamin Fryer, Chief Executive Officer at Pluristyx, said: “We are honored to be an Industry Resource Partner and provide our research and clinical-grade iPSCs to CIRM awardees. Our unique combination of proprietary gene edits simplifies the selection and development of stem cell-based therapies, accelerating the delivery of these next generation products to patients in need.”

“CIRM’s Industry Resource Partner Program aims to amplify its impact by partnering with industry leaders who possess the necessary resources, expertise, and experience to accelerate regenerative medicine research projects,” says Shyam Patel, Ph.D., Senior Director of Business Development & Alliance Management at CIRM. “We are thrilled to welcome Pluristyx/panCELLa to our network of partners who share our unwavering commitment to advancing transformative regenerative medicine therapies for patients.”

About Pluristyx:

Pluristyx with panCELLa offers an enlarged portfolio of unique and effective non-modified and genetically engineered iPSC-based technologies and related services to provide end-to-end client support throughout the product lifecycle. Pluristyx is fast becoming the leading provider of gene-edited iPSC and cell therapy solutions, accelerating the path to clinic and providing the best route to commercialization.

About CIRM:

At CIRM, we never forget that we were created by the people of California to accelerate stem cell treatments to patients with unmet medical needs, and act with a sense of urgency to succeed in that mission. To meet this challenge, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals actively partners with both academia and industry in a hands-on, entrepreneurial environment to fast track the development of today’s most promising stem cell technologies.

With $5.5 billion in funding and more than 161 active stem cell programs in our portfolio, CIRM is the world’s largest institution dedicated to helping people by bringing the future of cellular medicine closer to reality.


Pluristyx Contact:
Brian Hawkins, PhD, Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]

panCELLa Contact:
Jake Krembil, Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

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