Process Gas Chromatograph for ppb Gas Analysis

April 2008 – Bethlehem, PA – GOW-MAC® Instrument Company introduces a new analyzer to it’s already well respected selection of gas chromatographs. The new Series 200DID Gas Chromatograph is a process analyzer optimized explicitly for ppb analysis of non-corrosive and corrosive gases. This instrument employs GOW-MAC’s patented discharge ionization detector (DID) and offers application specific system configurations. The 19″ rack mount compatible Series 200DID GC is computer controlled using keypad with vacuum fluorescence graphical display. The GC features continuous, unattended operation (24/7); packed or micro-packed columns; auto-zero; automated valve control; isolated, discrete 4-20 mA outputs; and two modes of operation: manual – used for method development and/or research; and automatic – used for process analysis. The GC is a self-contained instrument therefore chromatography software is not needed. Relevant applications include, but are not limited to: Grade 6 electronic gases, Grade 6 inerts; Grade 5 UHP quality gases: air, Ar, He, CO2, O2, N2, H2; high purity, gas mixtures for laser applications; certified trace gas mixtures; basic and applied research; and process control. GOW-MAC® Instrument Co. is a leading manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation and specialty gas handling equipment. Customers may contact GOW-MAC Instrument Co. by visiting our web site at or contacting us at GOW-MAC Instrument Co., 277 Brodhead Road, Bethlehem, PA 18017; Tel (610) 954-9000; Fax (610) 954-0599; or E-mail [email protected] for free literature and complete details.

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