Promega Differex Offers an Automated Differential Extraction System to Reduce Backlogs

MADISON, Wis.–Promega announces the new automated capabilities of the Differex™ Differential Extraction System. This will allow DNA Analysts to go from multiple days to a few hours when processing a majority of their backlog samples.

Processing time for 40 samples using traditional manual methods typically requires a total of 3-5 days. By contrast, the automated Differex method makes it possible to process up to 40 differential extraction samples in less than 5 hours, reducing total processing time by over 70%. Once the differential extraction has been completed, samples can move seamlessly through extraction and purification using DNA IQ™ extraction methods.

Currently the majority of backlogged samples are sexual assault samples. They are particularly challenging to process as the combined male and female DNA must be separated through differential extraction prior to STR analysis and interpretation. Until now, the commonly used methods have required the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals coupled with a time consuming manual regimen of washing, spinning and incubation steps. The automated Differex method relies on differential lysis of the epithelial fraction followed by sperm pellet immobilization using paramagnetic particles. This allows the pellet to be washed via a robotic platform.1

Differex methods are now available for three leading automation platforms in forensics: the Beckman Coulter Biomek® 2000, Biomek 3000 and Tecan Freedom EVO® Platforms. System validation and ongoing technical support are offered by the Promega team of automation specialists. Laboratories using automated instrument platforms in combination with Differex will be able to make significant progress towards reducing their backlog of sexual assault samples. Learn more about automated Differex at

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