Promega ProteasMAX Improves Protein Characterization

MADISON, Wisc., May 22, 2008 – Promega Corporation, a leading provider of trypsin protease to the life sciences industry, announces the launch of ProteasMAX(tm) Surfactant . ProteasMAX has been designed to enhance the enzymatic performance of trypsin and other proteases in preparation for analysis by mass spectrometry or liquid chromatography. The surfactant enables scientists to obtain a more complete digestion prior to protein analysis, resulting in more accurate data in a shorter time, and reduced risk of sample degradation. ProteasMAX Surfactant delivers both on process and results with the following benefits:

* Confidence in data – improves protein digestion, exposing cleavage sites usually inaccessible due to secondary or tertiary structure

* Improved sensitivity – increases sample recovery from gels

* Higher productivity – standard protein digestion time can be reduced from overnight to just three hours

* Sample quality preservation – enhances protein solubilization at room temperature, which means that high temperatures (and precipitation) can be avoided, even for complex proteins

Because ProteasMAX degrades during the digestion reaction, researchers can proceed directly to analysis of peptides by mass spectrometry without additional inactivation steps. The new reagent is also compatible with existing protocols for 1 or 2D in-gel digestion of a purified protein or the digestion of complex protein samples by 2D LC-MS/MS.

“We perceive a growing demand for higher throughput and streamlined protocols in proteomics”, said Dr.Hrissi Samartzidou, Global Director for Gene and Protein Sciences. “Our strategy is to identify process bottlenecks and the needs of proteomics researchers in order to develop the optimum solutions to address them.”

As a supplier to protein research for over a decade, Promega plans to continue to make innovative contributions such as ProteasMAX that will fulfill the complex needs of scientists’ in the area of Proteomics sample prep with focus on protein sample depletion, enrichment and digestion.

About Promega

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