ProteomeChip™ technology fractionates and concentrates proteins or peptides by isoelectric focusing

Lexington, MA — June 1, 2008 —Protein Forest, Inc. a leading developer of state-of-the-art sample fractionation technology for Mass Spectrometry and data analysis software, announced today that it will launch the digital ProteomeChip™ System at the ASMS meeting in Denver, CO on June 1. The ProteomeChip™ technology fractionates proteins or peptides by parallel isoelectric focusing on dPC™ chips for mass spec analysis and western blotting and the Mass Spec Results and Analysis Tool™ (MSRAT™) bioinformatics software allows the researcher to discover the richness of their dPC™ data produced.

“We are very excited about launching our digital ProteomeChip System as it addresses critical limitations of existing fractionation and sample prep technologies available to researchers today, particularly those that utilize mass spectrometry,” said Russell Garlick, Protein Forest’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “dPC™ chips are precision manufactured to have a difference of 0.05 pH units between adjacent gel plugs with guaranteed reproducibility which allows proteomic scientists the ability to fractionate and concentrate their samples using parallel isoelectric focusing. This technology enables the separation and identification of proteins or peptides often not found by other techniques.”

About the digital ProteomeChip System

The dPC™ technology easily integrates into existing mass spectrometry workflows. Simply reduce, alkylate and desalt samples before adding to the dPC™ running buffer. Separate for 30 minutes on the dPC™ Chip and protein samples are ready for in-gel tryptic digestion followed by mass spec identification. The dPC™ technology is compatible with a wide variety of mass spectrometry instrumentation. Alternatively, proteins can be identified by immunoblotting. The combination of the simple workflow and precise dPC™ manufacturing process insures reproducibility from chip to chip and experiment to experiment.

MSRAT™ bioinformatics software is used to rapidly analyze large amounts of mass spec data within minutes. This software helps the researcher quickly focus on differences between samples including pI isoforms, post-translational modifications and differential expression. This software helps researchers to quickly identify important biologically relevant features from their proteomic experiments and it also streamlines QC and validation for bioprocess manufacturing.

About Protein Forest, Inc.

Protein Forest is a privately held company, located in Lexington, Massachusetts serving the life science, drug discovery, pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic industries. Protein Forest brings novel solutions based on its proprietary parallel isoelectric focusing technology to protein analysis and proteomics. The company develops, manufactures and markets instruments, consumables and software products to scientists around the world. For more information, visit

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