Proteintech launches New Multi-rAb Recombinant Secondary Antibodies

This New Generation of Secondary Antibodies has superior sensitivity, high reproducibility.

Rosemont, IL, USA — Proteintech, a global leader in antibodies, immunoassay kits, and recombinant proteins, today announced the launch of Multi-rAb Recombinant Secondary Antibodies, the newest generation of secondary antibodies designed to deliver unparallel specificity and reproducibility in widely used immunoassays.

Secondary antibodies are one of the most widely used reagents, making them indispensable tools for biomedical research. While most researchers rely on traditional polyclonal secondary antibodies, they face several challenges of high cross reactivity leading to high background and non-specific signals or they have to buy expensive highly cross adsorbed, less sensitive antibodies to avoid cross reactivity.

“Our new Multi-rAb secondary antibodies are designed to address this specific issue. The Multi-rAbs are a finely crafted clonal mix of recombinant monoclonal antibodies that have been characterized to have better sensitivity, minimal cross reactivity and high reproducibility,” says Dr. Deepa Shankar, Proteintech’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Researchers will be able to achieve the same enhanced levels of species specificity and reduced background with Multi-rAb secondaries as with highly cross-adsorbed traditional secondaries while maintaining the sensitivity of traditional polyclonals.

The next generation Multi-rAb secondary antibodies allows our customers to have an exceptionally reliable secondary antibody that works in every application with the same precision and reproducibility from lot to lot.

About Proteintech Group

Proteintech Group Inc., founded in 2001, is a leading manufacturer of antibodies, proteins, nanobodies, and immunoassays. Proteintech has the largest proprietary portfolio of self-manufactured antibodies covering two-thirds of the human proteome. With over 200,000 products cited and confirmed specificity, Proteintech offers antibodies and immunoassays across research areas. In addition, Proteintech produces cytokines, growth factors and other proteins that are human expressed, bioactive and cGMP-grade. Proteintech sites are ISO13485 and ISO9001 accredited. To learn more about Proteintech, please visit


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