Making proteomics 100x more robust and 10x faster

Today (November 15th, 2023) at the Nordic Proteomics Symposium in Lund, Sweden, Evosep, a global leader in cutting-edge proteomics solutions, is thrilled with the introduction of the revolutionary proteoCHIP™ EVO 96, a product developed in collaboration with Cellenion. Recognizing an essential demand for robust and standardized solutions from the Single Cell Proteomics community, Evosep has joined forces with Cellenion, bridging technologies to unlock more standardized workflows.

This innovative platform marks a major breakthrough in the field of single-cell proteomics, offering researchers unmatched capabilities and accuracy for studying cellular heterogeneity at the highest level.

Single-cell proteomics is at the forefront of scientific exploration, allowing researchers to explore the intricacies of individual cells, providing insights into their functions, interactions, and potential implications in various diseases. The proteoCHIP EVO 96, a result of the partnership between Evosep and Cellenion, takes single-cell proteomics to an entirely new level.

Evosep’s innovative technology allows for high-throughput, reproducible and robust separation of peptides, delivering standardized analytical performance. Cellenion’s unique single-cell isolation and dispensing platforms enable researchers to rapidly and reliably isolate single cells and dispense them into downstream assays.

The proteoCHIP EVO 96 combines Evosep’s expertise in liquid chromatography technology with Cellenion’s cutting-edge single-cell isolation and dispensing platforms. This synergy provides an all-encompassing solution that streamlines the process of single-cell proteomics, from the isolation of individual cells to in-depth data analysis.

Key Features of the proteoCHIP EVO 96:

  • High Throughput: The platform enables researchers to process up to 96 individual cells simultaneously, drastically increasing the efficiency of single-cell proteomic studies.
  • Precision Isolation: Cellenion’s advanced technology ensures the precise isolation of individual cells, minimizing cross-contamination and preserving the integrity of each cell’s proteomic content.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: With Evosep’s liquid chromatography, the ProteoCHIP Evo 96 offers unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy in identifying and quantifying proteins, even at low abundance.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The integrated solution simplifies the entire process, from cell isolation and sample preparation to data analysis, reducing the time and effort required for researchers to obtain meaningful results.

Nicolai Bache, VP Proteomics Research of Evosep, expressed their enthusiasm for the proteoCHIP EVO 96, saying, “Scaling single cell proteomics is now easier with the proteoCHIP EVO 96. It enables efficient direct transfer of digested single cells to Evotips, allowing reproducible, standardized, and scalable 96-sample processing, with secure sample storage until LC/MS analysis 96. It enables efficient direct transfer of digested single cells to Evotips, allowing reproducible, standardized, and scalable 96-sample processing, with secure sample storage until LC/MS analysis.”

Dr. Anjali Seth, Head of Single Cell Proteomics at Cellenion shared the sentiment, adding, “The proteoCHIP EVO 96 embodies our commitment to advancing single-cell proteomics. Our platform for isolation and Evosep’s expertise in liquid chromatography combine seamlessly to empower researchers with a holistic solution for in-depth cellular analysis.”

The partnership between Evosep and Cellenion has set a new standard for single-cell proteomics, and the proteoCHIP EVO 96 is expected to catalyze breakthroughs in the understanding of cellular function and disease. This collaboration reflects both companies’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific research and improving diagnostics and therapeutics.

The proteoCHIP EVO 96 is now available for researchers and institutions worldwide, ushering in a new era of single-cell proteomics.

About Evosep

Evosep aims to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating protein based clinical diagnostics, initially through collaborations with world-leading scientists about developing new technologies and solutions to make sample separation 100 times more robust and 10 times faster than todays’ alternatives. Information about Evosep is available at

The Evosep One instrument is for Research Use Only (RUO).

About Cellenion

Cellenion offers solutions and technologies for controlled cell dispensing with applications in the fields of single cell and single cellular aggregates isolation. Our systems allow high throughput, image-based automated dispensing of single cells and/or cell aggregates onto any substrates of choice. Together with a range of dedicated consumables, the solutions enable miniaturization of sample preparation protocols on the same instrument before downstream analysis. With no dead volumes and outstanding recovery rates, Cellenion’s platforms offer unique capacities for applications including single-cell omics, rare cells, cell line development, drug screening and 3D model development. Cellenion operates from Lyon, France. The company is a subsidiary of SCIENION GmbH and its products are sold by SCIENION worldwide. Information about Cellenion is available at

About BICO

BICO is a leading provider of life science solutions and laboratory automation that enable more efficient development of new treatments with more specificity and less need for animal testing. The company uses bioconvergence as its operating system, combining advanced technologies with biology to streamline and automate workflows within the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries.

With 32,000+ instruments installed in over 65 countries, BICO products and solutions are found in more than 3,500 laboratories, including the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and have been cited in over 11,000 publications. Operating through three business areas – Bioprinting, Biosciences and Bioautomation – the BICO Group strives towards the long-term ambition of enabling the reduction the world’s organ shortage and speeding up drug development to create the future of life-saving treatments. BICO is listed on Mid-Cap, Nasdaq Stockholm under BICO.


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