QuBAS Cloud removes the need for traditional installation of bioassay software, shortening lead times from months to hours

QuBAS has become the first leading bioassay software package to utilise the power of the cloud. Launched on February 2nd, QuBAS Cloud allows users to connect directly to a personalised instance of QuBAS hosted on a cloud server installed, validated, and maintained by Quantics. Validation procedures are now handled by Quantics, allowing full use of QuBAS’ unique suite of statistical tools just hours after purchase.

Bioassay software packages are typically installed over weeks and months, with sizeable IT and QA burdens providing frustrating delays for the end user. This process often had to be repeated for every new installation, an inefficiency which made adding new users or changing to a new package prohibitively resource intensive. QuBAS, which utilises Continuous real-time-Validation (CrtVTM), changed all this. Now, with QuBAS Cloud, Quantics handles everything.

With QuBAS Cloud, user QA and IT burden is reduced to near-zero. Hosting and maintenance of the QuBAS Cloud servers is managed by Quantics. For the end user, this means simple access to QuBAS faster than ever before.

Each QuBAS Cloud customer connects to a personalised instance of QuBAS. QuBAS Cloud uses an IP whitelist, meaning all data remains private and secure throughout use. The single tenant server offers first class security whilst maintaining seamless access to the QuBAS platform.

Even while offering this new degree of accessibility and efficiency, QuBAS Cloud maintains the powerful, user-friendly features unique to QuBAS. Its unrivalled flexibility gives developers the freedom to play with their data unlimited by restrictive workflows in early development, while the world-leading CrtVTM validation system provides 100% QC in real time.

Ian Yellowlees, Quantics founder, says: “With the GMP credentials of QuBAS and its CrtVTM technology, coupled with the ease of deployment gained by using single tenant cloud service, we think that QuBAS Cloud will be particularly attractive to fast moving, infrastructure-light biotech companies. QuBAS Cloud can be ready for GMP use in just a few hours from receipt of purchase order.”

Philip Speakman, CEO at Quantics, says: “Our QuBAS users are evangelical about our software but despite its industry leading ease of installation and qualification they often meet internal IT and QA barriers.  Offering a cloud solution has allowed clients to resolve these issues and become operational on QuBAS Cloud in hours and not months.  We are very excited to offer this additional option to expand access to more users to overcome these barriers”

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 About Quantics

Quantics is a biostatistical solutions provider for the bioscience and medical devices industries. Through our expert consultancy and QuBAS, our powerful bioassay software, we deliver rapid, guaranteed results that make the most of every datapoint, helping clients to move rapidly through research and development to market approval.


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