RealSeq Biosciences Launches Novel small RNA-seq Technology

Selective Suppression Probes- SSP™

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES — RealSeq Biosciences1 has developed a targeted removal probe (Selective Suppression Probe- SSP™) approach to deplete undesired or over-abundant species from RNA samples, resulting in increased reads and greater sequencing depth for small RNAs/miRNAs of interest.

Unwanted RNA species can dramatically reduce read depth of the RNAs that researchers care about. The SSP™ approach selectively depletes undesired species from RNA samples and has been shown to increase read depth by up to 10-fold for desired small RNAs/miRNAs.

“The SSP™ approach is a simple and cost-effective solution for researchers looking to increase the sequencing depth of miRNAs and other small RNA species of interest. It is compatible with a variety of sequencing platforms and can be used with both single- and paired-end sequencing,” according to Sergio Barberan-Soler, CEO. RealSeq’s initial product offering includes a standard probe set for human plasma samples as well as customizable probes for individual research needs.

RealSeq Biosciences is committed to providing innovative solutions to enable researchers to gain deeper insights into their data. The SSP™ approach is the latest in a series of products and services designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of small RNA sequencing as well as facilitating novel RNA biomarker discovery.

For more information about the SSP™ approach and other products and services visit us2 today!

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RealSeq Biosciences
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