Resilience Demonstrates Lower Cost of Perfusion Bioreactor Process Using 908 Devices’ REBEL At-line Analyzer

908 Devices Inc., (Nasdaq: MASS), a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop devices for chemical and biochemical analysis, announced that National Resilience, Inc. (Resilience), a technology-focused biomanufacturing company, has adopted REBEL at-line media analyzers in their process development to inform and optimize cell culture feed strategies and media design. REBEL provides insights into cell metabolism to enable Resilience process engineers to measure spent media samples to monitor amino acid depletion during a monoclonal antibody perfusion process. Resilience demonstrated, using REBEL, a 50% increase in titer while reducing cost of goods by adding back only the nutrients the cells have depleted.

“Data from the REBEL enables our teams to improve the speed of development, allowing for rapid optimization of our media feeds,” said Andy Grube, Director of Upstream Process Development, Biologics Franchise at Resilience. “Cell culture media and feed costs are significant in a perfusion process. With at-line media analysis, we can optimize and accelerate biotherapeutic development, with the ultimate goal of reducing cost of goods and time to submission.”

Resilience engineers are researching various techniques to lower the cost of media used in a perfusion process. At-line media analysis enables process development engineers to make decisions throughout the bioreactor run and inform feeding models, thereby improving cell culture outcomes and maximizing bioreactor utilization. At-line media analysis may further enable biopharma to characterize process consistency via media “finger printing” and process monitoring.

About the REBEL analyzer

REBEL is a first-of-its-kind fresh and spent media analyzer that enables biopharma researchers to accelerate process development cycles and maximize bioreactor utilization by running media analysis at-line. Key benefits include:

  • Efficiency – minimal sample preparation and tiny volume requirements
  • Real-time data tracking – quantitate over 30 key media nutrients in <10 minutes
  • Small and simple – versatile design valued by users across many applications

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About Resilience

Resilience is a technology-focused biomanufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines. Founded in 2020, the company is building a sustainable network of high-tech, end-to-end manufacturing solutions to ensure the treatments of today and tomorrow can be made quickly, safely, and at scale. By continuously advancing the science of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and development, Resilience seeks to free its partners to focus on the discoveries that improve patients’ lives and protect biopharmaceutical supply chains against future disruptions. For more information, visit

About 908 Devices

908 Devices is revolutionizing chemical and biochemical analysis with its simple handheld and desktop devices, addressing critical-to-life applications. The Company’s devices are used at the point-of-need to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide quick, actionable answers to directly address some of the most critical problems in life sciences research, bioprocessing, pharma/biopharma, forensics and adjacent markets. The Company is headquartered in the heart of Boston, where it designs and manufactures innovative products that bring together the power of mass spectrometry, microfluidic sampling and separations, software automation, and machine learning.

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