Rosetta Biosoftware and Sage-N Research, Inc. Collaborate on Informatics Environment for Proteomics and Biomarker Discovery

SEATTLE and SAN JOSE, Calif.–Rosetta Biosoftware and Sage-N Research, Inc. announced a collaboration to establish interoperability between Rosetta Biosoftware’s Elucidator(R) system for protein expression analysis and biomarker discovery and Sage-N Research’s Sorcerer(TM) proteomic integrated data appliance to offer customers an advanced solution for protein expression research and protein identification.

The Rosetta Elucidator system is a flexible, scalable solution for managing and analyzing large volumes of proteomics data. It includes raw data management, the PeakTeller(TM) processing module to identify differentially-expressed proteins, and analysis at the peptide and protein level, enabling researchers to generate a list of candidate biomarkers from mass spectrometry data. The Sorcerer integrated data appliance from Sage-N Research is a compact analysis system that provides processing throughput for protein identification using patent-pending Pattern Match Accelerator(TM) hardware and systems technology.

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