Ruskinn launches SCI-tive workstation

New self contained stem cell workstation makes atmospheric control easier

Pencoed, UK, 22nd May 2008: Ruskinn has announced the launch of its innovative, Stem Cell Investigations total in vitro environment workstation – SCI-tive – specifically designed for both embryonic and adult stem cell isolation, optimisation, differentiation and incubation within a totally enclosed controlled culture environment. Working under controlled conditions is essential to ensure the cell differentiation process does not result in inappropriate cell types. Using the SCI-tive workstation, researchers are able to monitor the internal environment of the workstation and control temperature, humidity and gas concentrations.

The small footprint of the SCI-tive workstation creates valuable laboratory space, with reduced need for other gas controlled incubators and Class 2 biological safety cabinets. The Ezee Sleeve™ Bare-hand System enables all processes to be carried out within the workstation, whilst integrated microscopy and digital software makes whole process monitoring, tracking and calibration possible without disturbing the carefully controlled atmosphere.

Controlled conditions during stem cell investigations can improve the rate of differentiation and the quality of stem cells produced. The SCI-tive workstation’s in vitro environment assists compliance with the EU Tissues and Cells Directive (2004/23/EU).

The SCI-tive workstation also incorporates Ruskinn’s latest and most advanced gas mixing system – the Gas Mixer Q – enabling cells to be examined under precise O2 and CO2 tension in hepa filtered air. Built for maximum ease-of-use, the Gas Mixer Q touch screen user interface enables accurate atmospheric control with easy to interpret visual displays and intelligent environmental stability monitoring. The one touch auto-calibration function means the user can check the O2 sensor calibration without disrupting the delicate environment of the workstation.

About Ruskinn Technology Ltd

The Ruskinn brand was founded in 1993 and rapidly became established as one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas controlled, anaerobic and modified atmosphere workstations. In 2006, the independent Ruskinn Group of companies – Ruskinn Technology Limited and Ruskinn Life Sciences – was formed after a short transition period as part of Biotrace International.

Administration and production is sited at the ultra-modern Sony Pencoed plant in South Wales. Ruskinn is one of an elite group of UK medical companies offered the opportunity by Sony to co-locate and share the benefits of Sony’s renowned production know-how and infrastructure.

Ruskinn products are available through a worldwide network of carefully selected distributors. Sales in Nordic Region and the US are made by Ruskinn’s own staff.

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