SACHEM Launches Displacement Chromatography Services

SACHEM Responds to Customer Demand by Offering Onsite Expertise to Support Scientists in Evaluating and Applying Displacement Chromatography

AUSTIN, Texas–In response to customer demand, SACHEM is now offering a new services program to help displacement chromatography users to quickly apply the technology in their laboratory and plant. The program uses SACHEM’s extensive chemical expertise and broad experience with displacement chromatography. It offers scientists using SACHEM’s ExpellTM, IsolisTM, and PropellTM displacers assistance exploring, evaluating, and applying the technology in their applications. “Everyone’s familiarity with displacement chromatography is different. This services program offers those new to the technique the ability to rapidly achieve the benefits of displacement chromatography, including lower research costs and increased product purity and throughput,” commented Rosemary Hoffman, Director, Biotechnology Solutions Group at SACHEM.

SACHEM’s displacement chromatography services include:

Online displacement chromatography course – interactive, customized, simulation-based program that enables users to gain a deeper understanding of displacement chromatography.

Onsite seminars – SACHEM’s Displacement Chromatography Seminar details concepts of displacement chromatography and resulting outcomes using SACHEM displacers, with time allotted for discussion regarding the customer’s specific separation challenges.

Onsite consulting – SACHEM offers 1, 2 and 5 day sessions tailored to meet specific application at customer labs and plants.

Purification services – customized, contract purification services for customers desiring SACHEM’s expertise in executing efficient, reliable, accurate displacement chromatography.

“Displacement chromatography is very useful in protein purification, oligonucleotide purification, quality assurance, biocomparability, and process control. As chromatographers we want to understand available purification tools and how to pick the best one for our specific applications,” commented Dr. Barry Haymore, Director of New Technology at SACHEM. SACHEM’s service program offers various levels of support based on customer displacement goals and expertise. Through these services, customers will gain a deeper understanding of the technology and develop the ability to apply and optimize displacement chromatography in their labs and plants.

SACHEM, Inc. delivers highly pure, precise and innovative chemical solutions designed to solve the most demanding and challenging applications. For over 50 years SACHEM has provided chemical solutions and services to customers in key markets including electronics, biotechnology, starch modification, polymers, catalysts, pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals. Based in Austin, Texas, SACHEM’s expanding worldwide operations include manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia with a global service network and presence spanning over 30 countries

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