Scispot Launches “pico” to Tech Enable Early-Stage Biostartups

pico allows every biostartup to be a scalable TechBio company from Day 1

KITCHENER, OntarioScispot has launched pico, a freemium and minimalistic operating system for small biostartups with an essential suite of apps to help founders set up the right digital foundation for their startup. pico is designed for modern and young biostartups; it combines all key functionalities of electronic lab notebook (ELN) and laboratory information management system (LIMS) in one unified platform.

“We built pico so that, from the very beginning, startups can templatize protocols, documents, databases, experiment blocks, or entire workflows to make research programmable, reproducible, and scalable,” said Guru Singh, Founder & CEO, Scispot.

Biostartups from the top incubators and accelerators around the world use pico to plan, execute, and document experiments in real time with internal and external collaborators. With pico, companies can connect data from multiple files and tools such as Excel, Google Sheets, AWS S3, and Airtable to establish a chain of custody and create knowledge graphs. Startups can also manage and keep track of inventory, samples, compounds, animals, or other lab resources and data. By laying the right digital foundation, founders can turn their startup into a data-driven, scalable TechBio from Day 1.

“It is imperative that we equip scientists with ways to apply their knowledge and skills to solve our society’s most pressing challenges. We are very excited to partner with Scispot and make pico available to early-stage bioentrepreneurs in our program who would not otherwise be able to afford the tools to digitalize their company,” said Elena Itskovich, Co-Founder and President, Nest Catalyst.

pico is exclusively designed for early-stage biostartups. Established startups and scaleups have an option to choose from advanced Scispot plans that offer full configurability by command line interface (CLI) and graphical user interface (GUI), as well as access to more features, integrations, and support.

“RT MicroDx is revolutionizing home diagnostics with molecular technologies. We are building an easy-to-use, saliva-based home diagnostic platform that provides PCR quality results at home in minutes. RT MicroDx is changing the face of healthcare, making diagnostics affordable and accessible. We use Scispot pico to efficiently manage and share our data as we move from proof-of-concept into product development, manufacturing and commercialization,” said Nathalya Mamane, CEO & Founder, RT MicroDx.

“We’ve been a digital life sciences company from the start and we adopted Scispot pico on Day 1. Scispot allows us to scale our operations rapidly to serve more researchers and developers of novel therapies to improve patient care,” said Daniel Meyer, CEO of CellChorus.

To learn more about pico, book a demo, and join Scispot in their mission to help every biostartup be a scalable TechBio.

Scispot, a Y Combinator-backed life science informatics company based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, has created the first tech stack to enable TechBio revolution. Scispot’s tech stack is a blueprint to make biotech R&D “templatizable” and programmable, with a digitization and automation suite, built-in workflow templates, and tools to collaborate with internal and external partners. To learn more, please visit or book a consultation call.

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