Semaphore Solutions’ Labbit Laboratory Informatics Solution Plays a Pivotal Role in Enhancing LinusBio’s Innovative Diagnostic Platform, Following LinusBio’s $25.5 Million Series A Funding Round

By integrating Labbit LIMS, LinusBio harnesses cutting-edge informatics to optimize its ground-breaking exposome sequencing platform, advancing discovery across various complex health conditions such as Autism in young children.

NEW YORKOct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Semaphore Solutions, an innovative leader in laboratory informatics services and LIMS, is delighted to join forces with LinusBio, a pioneer in precision exposome sequencing. LinusBio, with over $25.5 million in funding obtained within the past 18 months, has chosen and fully implemented Semaphore’s flagship LIMS and LIS platform product, Labbit, for the crucial wet lab portion of its transformative biomarker discovery platform. This collaboration is a strategic stride, enabling LinusBio to meet crucial commercial timelines for accreditation. Furthermore, it enhances its capability to deliver comprehensive diagnostics and treatments for various health conditions and diseases.

Balancing Innovation and User-Centricity

“Collaborating with Semaphore Solutions has been instrumental in the commercialization process of our novel biomarker discovery platform. Their Labbit LIMS system enables us to balance innovation with user-centricity and meet the evolving needs of our laboratory teams.” says Ronak Kadakia, COO of LinusBio. “The system’s flexibility and simplicity facilitate a more efficient implementation process, giving us a competitive edge in bringing our technology to market.”

Accelerating Diagnostics & Transforming Healthcare

Leveraging proprietary laser and robotics technology, LinusBio analyzes human hair strands to collect thousands of data points to measure individuals’ biological response to their lifespan environmental exposures in a time-dependent manner. “As we learned about LinusBio’s plans to commercialize their highly innovative LDT, it became apparent that they needed an informatics partner with deep experience implementing LIMS/LIS for high-complexity clinical labs to accelerate their time to market. We had cutting-edge next-generation technology companies like LinusBio in mind when we developed Labbit, and we knew that our platform and implementation process would be a great fit with their timeline, requirements, and growth plans.” – Peter Smith, CEO of Semaphore Solutions.

About Semaphore Solutions and Labbit

Labbit is a next generation LIMS platform by Semaphore Solutions, a leading informatics services company focused on providing software solutions to support innovative disease research, molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and development at leading life science and diagnostic organizations worldwide. For more information, please visit and

About LinusBio

LinusBio (Linus Biotechnology Inc.) is a patient-centric, breakthrough science precision exposome medicine company headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ. The Company’s program pipeline comprises precision exposome medicine biomarkers and target discovery across disease domains for which historically no molecular endpoints have been available in medical practice or for clinical trials, including CNS (autism spectrum disorder, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), gastroenterology (inflammatory bowel disease), renal disease and oncology. For more information, visit

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