SERS products available in m-oem store

SERS substrates broaden the m-oem product line that includes lasers, spectrometers, and other Raman sampling solutions.

m-oem, the OEM business of Metrohm, is pleased to announce that a new product line of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) materials has been added to the webshop ( These SERS materials greatly enhance the Raman signal from weak scatterers or materials that are present in trace amounts for consistent detection and quantification. SERS products are easy to use and can be customized to meet individual application needs.

The Discovery Kit – a SERS sampler

Among the products added is a new SERS Discovery Kit that contains a selection of silver and gold SERS materials in both colloid solution and solid substrate format. The kit contains enough testing material for about 25 measurements with each of the four formats. This new kit will appeal to innovators who are looking to determine the best SERS tools for their measurements.

A proven product for new applications

SERS supports diverse applications across many industries:

  • detecting trace amounts of fentanyl
  • validating cleaning processes
  • identification of pesticides
  • testing for contaminants/adulterants in food and beverage product
  • point-of-care diagnostic tests
  • quality testing in a production environment

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