Simplify Semivolatiles Calibration with New MegaMix Reference Standards Kits

Containing the most frequently analyzed semivolatiles, two new reference standards kits from Restek will help labs streamline operations. The SVOC MegaMix 150 kit (cat.# 31907) contains 150 semivolatiles (including the Appendix IX analytes), while the SVOC MegaMix 100 kit (cat.# 31908) contains 100 common semivolatile compounds. Both kits are designed to make it easy to construct a 200 μg/mL working standard, allowing for wider calibration ranges, and reducing the need for sample dilution. These standards are also formulated for the best balance of stability and convenience, ensuring that calibration curves will be accurate and can be prepared efficiently.

Two independently manufactured lots with verified lot-to-lot agreement are available, reducing uncertainty and improving data quality. All kit solutions, which may also be purchased individually, are certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC-tested in Restek’s ISO-accredited labs, satisfying your ISO and quality program requirements. Deactivated glass vials are included with every standard—letting you store unused portions for later use while minimizing compound degradation.

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