Software Launch: The new ERWEKA Export Manager

ERWEKA GmbH is proud to announce the release of the Export Manager – our one-stop solution for efficient data management!

Export Manager

Export Manager is a simple tool which receives data from the equipment at the touch of a button and generates PDF or XML files. With the ERWEKA Export Manager, users can seamlessly export test protocols from devices like SVM II, TAR II, EasyCheck, MultiCheck 6 and ZT 720/30 via their network. But that‘s not all. Our user-friendly interface allows you to define your desired destination folder, whether it is a local drive or a designated network location.

Integrated into the labs own IT network, security measures and data compliance protocols valid for the network are also valid for those folders, ensuring valuable data always remains safeguarded – no compromises on data security or integrity. Each exported file is specifically named, combining the device type, serial number, and the date and time of data reception. This means users will never lose track of valuable data, maintaining an effortless overview for easy accessibility and analysis. The ERWEKA Export Manager is a light-weight solution, catering to both new and existing ERWEKA equipment. With its remarkable ability to receive data from multiple devices simultaneously, users will save time, effort and money and streamline their laboratory workflows.

For more information, visit the product page: Export Manager.

Resources and online demos

More information such as our brochure and video head over to our website We are also happy to show you the Export Manager in a live online demo – just contact your local ERWEKA sales representative or our sales team at [email protected]

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