Spectros Corporation Closes Technology Access Agreement With Caliper Life Sciences

PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif., June 4 — Spectros Corporation

(Portola Valley, CA) signed an agreement with Caliper Life Sciences

allowing Caliper limited access to certain Spectros optical imaging

technologies for undisclosed terms. “We are pleased that Caliper Life

Sciences has recognized the benefit and value of the broad and early

optical biotechnology here at Spectros,” notes David Benaron, CEO.

Spectros and its affiliates have over 70 patents in the U.S., Europe,

and Japan assigned or in-licensed, forming one of the largest biophotonics

intellectual property collections. Spectros core patents cover optical

spectroscopy, fluorimetry, and imaging for use in blood analysis,

contrast-targeted cancer surgery, lab-on-chip systems, and benchtop life

sciences equipment, “Given the depth of our biophotonics patent portfolio,

we anticipate significant top-line growth for our licensing program,”

commented David Benaron, CEO. Red Herring predicts that the total market

for optical products in molecular detection, molecular imaging, and

treatment guidance will grow to over $12 billion annually over the next

five years.

ABOUT SPECTROS: Spectros markets and licenses advanced molecular

sensing and imaging devices that shed light on ischemia and cancer.

T-Stat(R), the Company’s lead product, is FDA-approved and marketed in the

U.S. and Europe for detection of ischemia, an insufficient blood flow to

tissue. Spectros is co-developing an optical breast cancer screening

device, currently in clinical trials, in conjunction with the University of

California, the University of Pennsylvania, and others. Spectros

out-licenses optical technology separate from these clinical product lines.

Spectros is a venture-capital supported private concern.

(Note: Forward-looking statements are intended as a guide only, and do

not constitute an offer for investment nor a guarantee of future returns.

Some applications described above are for investigational use only, and

have not been reviewed and/or approved by the FDA.)

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