Syncell Expands Into the United States With a New Office in Watertown, MA

TAIPEI, Taiwan & WATERTOWN, Massachusetts — Syncell, a life science technology company known for pioneering next-generation spatial proteomics, is pleased to announce the inauguration of its US main office in Watertown, Massachusetts. This expansion echoes the demands from the U.S. customers who are highly interested in Syncell’s Microscoop technology.

“Since Syncell’s inception in 2020 in Taiwan, we have thought to make our unique microscopic scooping technology globally available. The launch of our first new global office and laboratories in the Greater Boston area marks an exciting chapter for us, one where we can demonstrate the capabilities of our Microscoop system more effectively,” expressed Dr. Jung-Chi Liao, the Founder and CEO of Syncell. “The enthusiasm and backing we’ve received from the academic community and customers till now have been overwhelming and bolstering our confidence in the bright prospects ahead.”

Syncell’s Microscoop technology enables spatial proteomic discovery at a subcellular level, a key breakthrough in spatial biology. Microscoop has already demonstrated its impact on disease research with its applications in discovering novel protein constituents. Among its contributions is the identification of proteins associated with the beta amyloids in Alzheimer’s disease, TDP-43 aggregates in ALS disease, and markers associated with triple-negative breast cancer,.

The comprehensive role of the Watertown office will extend beyond servicing the company’s Global Rapid Access Service Program (GRASP), which provides unwavering support to an expanding U.S. customer base. This facility will also house a demonstration center, offering visitors an experience into subcellular discovery capability of Microscoop technology. The hands-on encounter will illustrate operational prowess and allow for a deeper understanding of its usage for spatial proteomics research. This office will also serve as a base for Syncell’s scientific and technical support teams in the U.S.

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