Take Advantage of Simplified Calibration and Sample Spiking with Restek’s High Concentration Arizona Pesticide Standard Kit

Restek’s new Arizona pesticide certified reference material (CRM) kit features 58 compounds—each with a concentration aligned with the variable state compound action limits to help you easily meet calibration requirements. When the kit’s four ampuls are combined, the concentration of each component is 100 times the action limit—giving you the analytical flexibility for constructing calibration curves and spiking sample matrices.

  • A single kit formulated specifically for Arizona cannabis regulations.
  • Four-mix set designed for maximum stability—ensuring your calibration standards are accurate.
  • Two independently produced lots available from our ISO-accredited labs to meet yourquality control requirements.

Choose Restek for the consumables, chromatographic conditions, and troubleshooting help your cannabis analysis needs at www.restek.com/cannabis

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