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Sensirion’s affiliate IRsweep launched the first cost-effective spectrometer product with industry-leading lead times. With their new IRis-C, they are making spectroscopy more accessible for a variety of lab and field applications.

Stäfa, Switzerland – The new IRis-C is more compact, less complex and, with prices starting in the five-digit range (EUR/USD) significantly more cost-effective than competing products on the market. Similar to IRsweep’s previous dual-comb spectrometers, the IRis-C offers a unique combination of high speed, high signal to noise ratio per time, and as well as optical power.

“Drawing on six years of experience with our IRis-F1 spectrometer, we are now able to offer a solution that incorporates the most sought-after features of QCL spectrometers in a compact form factor at a price that will make them more accessible to all researchers, scientists and engineers,” agree the co-founders of IRsweep, Markus Mangold, Andreas Hugi and Markus Geiser.

The new spectrometer is based on dual-comb spectroscopy – a Nobel-prize winning method that provides high-resolution and high-speed analysis of the molecular composition of samples. The light sources are quantum cascade laser frequency combs, which are known for their stability and high optical power. The spectrometer’s compact size and cost-effectiveness make it ideal for a variety of settings, including academic and industrial research. The modular approach of separating emission and detection unit further makes it suitable for integration into field applications ranging from stand-off detection to process monitoring.

About Sensirion – Experts for Environmental and Flow Sensor Solutions

Sensirion is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of sensors and sensor solutions that improve efficiency, health, safety, and comfort. Founded in 1998, Sensirion now employs around 1’000 people at its headquarters in Stäfa, Switzerland and in numerous international subsidiaries. Sensirion sensors can be used to measure a wide range of environmental parameters and flow rates precisely and reliably. The company’s aim is to make the world smarter with pioneering sensor technology. As a pioneer in innovation, Sensirion develops solutions for the specific needs of customers and partners from the automotive, industrial, medical technology and consumer electronics markets, as well as high-quality products for cost-efficient mass production. More information and current key figures at www.sensirion.com

About IRsweep

IRsweep is a provider of spectroscopy solutions in the mid-infrared spectral range. Its products are predominantly used for research applications such as protein dynamics, chemical kinetics monitoring and for high spectral resolution fundamental research. It is based on the discovery that quantum cascade lasers can lock into frequency combs and was founded as an ETH Zurich, Switzerland spin-off in 2014 by co-founders Andreas Hugi, Markus Mangold and Markus Geiser. IRsweep is part of the Sensirion Holding AG since 2021 and has offices in Stäfa Switzerland and Chicago, USA. For further information, visit www.irsweep.com

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