Teledyne LABS is new distributor of Ecodyst rotary evaporation systems for the laboratory

Teledyne LABS is now a major distributor of Ecodyst evaporation systems used in laboratories worldwide.

Ecodyst uses proprietary technology for the efficient and gentle re​moval of solvent from samples in numerous advanced scientific processes. Principle users of Teledyne LABS chromatography instruments and Ecodyst benchtop rotary evaporator (rotavap) and large-scale evaporation systems include the pharmaceutical and agrichemical industries, contract laboratories, and academic and government research institutions.

“The Teledyne LABS/Ecodyst partnership is a natural extension of Teledyne LABS’ expertise in flash and preparative chromatography and Ecodyst’s ground-breaking developments in rotary evaporation design and operation,” said Joshua Lovell, Teledyne LABS’ Product Line Manager – Pharma R&D Product. “Evaporation follows chromatography in the purification process, and the Teledyne LABS and Ecodyst partnership is a natural progression of those close ties.”

Teledyne LABS and Ecodyst share a strong, global reputation in the marketplace for the utmost in quality, service and leadership, and an intimate understanding of the chemist’s needs in sample purification. “Visiting with our customers and understanding their workflow challenges, we realize Ecodyst offers a dramatic step forward in the function of evaporation technology, and we want to deliver that benefit to our customers,” Lovell said.

Using a proprietary self-cooling technology, Ecodyst has evolved the rotavap to be more efficient, to have expanded capacity, and to be less costly to operate than traditional methods. The Ecodyst difference offers significant advantages in time and materials savings compared to outdated evaporative technologies.

By eliminating the need for consumable coolants like antifreeze, dry ice and water, Ecodyst systems also promote Green Chemistry as a step in creating a sustainable future. Ecodyst systems include:

  • EcoChyll X1: Condenser with integrated chiller for add-on to any existing rotavap system.
  • Ecodyst Hydrogen Benchtop all-in one rotavap solutions with integrated chillers.  There are two different products offered in this category.
  • Ecodyst Large-Scale vertical evaporation options in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet needs from 12 L to 200 L.

Ecodyst’s patented self-cooling technology was devised and developed by Ecodyst CEO George Adjabang, a former medicinal chemist with over 15 years of experience in the laboratory. Adjabang grew frustrated with some of the challenges in relying on dry ice as a consumable to cool the rotavap in his labs and invented a solution that vastly improved rotary evaporation.

“We are excited to partner with Teledyne LABS, a customer-centered organization with many decades of experience providing purification solutions to scientists worldwide,” Adjabang said. “Ecodyst has emerged as an innovative leader and creator of modern evaporator technology, and we approach evaporation equipment innovation with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing scientists in chemistry labs and industries performing chemistry.”

Lovell said ISCO’s story begins with a singular visionary as well. “Both companies emphasize innovation to improve customer workflow, robust construction and ease of use, and have throughout their existence.”

The Ecodyst solution offers many benefits:

  • Increased chilling capacity.
    • Able to have controlled temperature set-points to balance chilling capacity with the evaporation need.
    • More efficient chilling process by using proprietary condenser material with significantly better heat transfer properties versus glass.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
    • Eliminates the need for consumables like dry ice or water.
    • Increased efficiency through a single heat exchange cycle versus two heat exchange cycles required with a recirculating chiller.
  • Ready to go immediately.
    • No need to preplan around the next dry ice delivery.  Ready to go when you are.
    • Faster start-up times to get the rotavap to temperature significantly more quickly compared to recirculating chillers.
  • Maximizes bench space
    • No need to reserve valuable lab space for an external recirculating chiller.

Lovell said customers will be able to purchase Teledyne LABS and Ecodyst systems separately or in economical bundles that provide an ideal pairing of chromatography and rotavap technologies. “We look forward to a long-term partnership with Ecodyst as we join forces to present solutions to perfectly suit the wide-ranging needs of our shared customer base,” he said.

About Teledyne LABS

Teledyne LABS consolidates Teledyne CETAC, Hanson, ISCO chromatography and pumps, Leeman Labs and Tekmar for Chromatography, GC Sample Prep, Elemental Analysis, Automated Liquid Handling, Pumping and Dissolution, Diffusion, and Physical Tablet Testing. These complementary brands support our commitment to delivering innovative laboratory instruments that improve our environmental sustainability and quality of life.​

About Ec​odyst

Ecodyst is the innovative creator of the next generation of rotary evaporators. Our proprietary self-cooling technology has revolutionized the rotary evaporator to increase efficiency and output while reducing the operational costs, footprint, and labor requirements. This disruptive technology will ultimately set new standards worldwide for scientific instruments. Ecodyst’s product line has a wide range of models, including benchtop systems for discovery chemistry and industrial models for process chemistry and commercial applications.​​

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