TetraScience Partners with Google Cloud to Catalyze Scientific AI Innovation

BOSTON – TetraScience, the Scientific Data and AI Cloud company, today announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo to speed up drug development and other scientific discoveries. By bringing the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud together with Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI technologies, the two companies will help empower the life science industry to harness Scientific AI to generate insights much more quickly. This, in turn, will lead to accelerated and improved research, development, and quality-control processes for advanced therapies.

“Scientific AI holds extraordinary potential to accelerate and improve science by delivering new capabilities to all key stakeholders – scientists, data and AI teams, and scientific IT,” said Patrick Grady, CEO and chairman of TetraScience. “Together, TetraScience and Google Cloud provide the sophisticated design and industrialization of AI-native scientific datasets and advanced AI technologies to deliver on this unprecedented opportunity.”

The Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud shatters the industry-wide data silo paradigm and uniquely centralizes, designs, and industrializes the production of large-scale and liquid AI-native scientific data sets. These are brought to life in a growing suite of next-generation lab data management products, scientific use cases, and AI-based outcomes. When the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud is combined with Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI technologies, scientists, data and AI teams, and IT organizations benefit:

  • Scientists can work more productively and accelerate innovation: Scientists face overwhelming volumes of complex, unstructured, and proprietary data acquired across instruments, laboratory informatics tools, research sites, and collaborative organizations. This forces all scientists to be “human data integrators.” This new partnership simplifies data exploration and analysis, enabling scientists to spend less time on tedious and error-prone manual data transcription and to focus on driving innovation in therapeutics development. It also enables scientists to unlock innovation from previously dead data, identify higher quality drug candidates faster, more efficiently develop novel cell-based therapeutics, and digitize critical quality control processes.
  • Data and AI teams have AI-ready data sets and integrated tools to support scientific AI outcomes: The biopharma industry is replete with examples of failed scientific AI efforts due to the inability to derive value from data that resides in thousands of vendor silos and in proprietary or unstructured formats. With this partnership, AI and data teams can now combine out-of-the-box, large-scale datasets with AI to advance real-world scientific use cases. The combination of TetraScience’s scientific data models and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and machine learning tools can help uncover complex patterns and extract valuable insights to support scientific discovery.
  • Scientific IT teams can lower costs and prepare for the future: Leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI and TetraScience’s industry-specific data and AI cloud, IT teams can avoid the time, complexity, and cost associated with legacy project implementations that require bespoke integrations, middleware, and third-party integrators. The partnership announced today enables IT teams to assist their scientific, data, and AI counterparts in capitalizing on AI-native data, staying at the forefront of the innovation curve, and enabling them to prepare for the future.

“Science is often slowed down by fragmented data and inefficient workflows. This collaboration addresses these roadblocks, giving life science organizations the practical tools they need to accelerate drug discovery and development to bring life-changing treatments to patients sooner,” said Ryan Terry, managing director, Healthcare and Life Sciences,  Google Cloud. “By combining Google Cloud’s data and AI capabilities together with TetraScience’s proven domain expertise across scientific data and associated use cases, we hope to empower scientists to find solutions to some of our most pressing health challenges faster than ever before.”

One of TetraScience and Google Cloud’s mutual customers is Ginkgo Bioworks, known for building the leading platform for cell programming and biosecurity.

“The Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud, combined with the power of Google Cloud’s AI services, gives researchers a robust and accessible platform and technology to collaborate, innovate, and ultimately create revolutionary products,” said Barry Canton, CTO of Ginkgo Bioworks. “We look forward to seeing what this partnership can do to help accelerate drug discovery and development.”

About TetraScience 

TetraScience is the Scientific Data and AI Cloud company with a mission to radically improve and extend human life. TetraScience is catalyzing the Scientific AI revolution by designing and industrializing AI-native scientific datasets, which it brings to life in a growing suite of next-generation lab data management products, scientific use cases, and AI-based outcomes. For more information, please visit tetrascience.com.

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