The First Automated Synthesis Tool That Requires No Training: EasyMax™ 102

Mettler Toledo introduces EasyMax™ 102, the new generation automated lab reactor system for the synthesis lab and the synthetic organic chemist. EasyMax™ 102 replaces the traditional oil bath and ice bath, and improves the quality of your experiments. EasyMax™ 102 operates with an easy-to-use touchpad and heats and cools without a cryostat. Fast and precise control of temperature, stirring, reagent addition as well as data logging is self-evident. EasyMax™ 102 combines proven conventional techniques with state-of-the-art technology allowing you more time to think about your chemistry. Columbia, MD (PRWEB) April 11, 2008 — METTLER TOLEDO announces EasyMax™ 102, the new lab reactor system . EasyMax™ is designed to cover the needs of a modern synthesis lab in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries its ease-of-use and sophisticated cooling and heating concept. – Touchpad control – All functions of EasyMax™ are controlled by a clearly arranged and easy to operate touchpad -No cryostat, no oil or ice bath – The built-in solid-state thermostat heats and cools the reaction vessels fast, accurately and reliably to the desired temperature -No training – EasyMax™ is a mobile walk-up systems with no learning curve -Data logging – Experiment data are logged automatically to enable the comparison of experiments and a good traceability Various sizes of reactor vessels increase the flexibility of EasyMax™ 102 even more. Windows with a backlight allows you to observe your reaction mass in both reactors during the experiment.

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