The New Automated Cell Counter, CytoDirect, Offers Reliable and Stain-free Counting and Viability Measurements

Nänikon, Switzerland – METTLER TOLEDO announces the launch of its new stain-free automated cell counter, CytoDirect. This new product sets a new standard in life sciences by having a smart combination of technologies (digital holographic microscopy and a convolutional neural network) that enables an extra-large measurement area (30x bigger than that of a hemocytometer) and the elimination of cell staining, ensuring measurement reliability in a very short measurement time: 15 seconds. A high degree of automation decreases human error, improves process standardization, and eliminates inter-operator variability. Its portable and robust design makes CytoDirect perfect for working anywhere in the lab. It can also be easily stowed away when not in use and shared between labs.

CytoDirect has been designed following these four fundamental principles to support the crucial aspect of cell counting:

Minimize Variability with Ensured Reliability. CytoDirect leverages an extra-large measurement area, 30 times bigger than a standard hemocytometer, maximizing the statistical significance of your results in every measurement and avoiding unnecessary mistakes or repetitions.

Say bye to trypan blue. CytoDirect’s technology does not require cytotoxic cell staining for viability assessment, increasing sample integrity and reducing the duration of your workflow while removing error-prone steps and inter-user variability.

Take it to your samples. CytoDirect has been designed for portability: it is a robust, battery-powered, and small instrument with a Wi-Fi connection for cable-free data transfer. Bring it wherever your sample is; even under the hood, it is sterilizable!

Keep it simple. Streamlined usability: It is easy to use and requires no training. Get your results with the on-screen instructions. Understand quickly if your sample preparation and workflow were correct, thanks to CytoDirect’s built-in troubleshooting guidance.

CytoDirect is available in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland. It will be available in China in May 2024, and additional countries will follow.

Find out more on or contact your local sales representative.

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