A small and efficient ultra-low-temperature freezer for reliable storage of sensitive samples.

We are proud to present the UF V 350 as the newest member of our ultra-low-temperature freezer product family: The UF V 350 combines the tried-and-tested advantages of its predecessor models, the UF V 500 and UF V 700, and further shines with a considerably reduced footprint. The outstanding properties and advantages of the UF V 350 make clear how this unit enables laboratories in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food industries to make optimum use of valuable space and simultaneously ensure reliable storage of sensitive samples at temperatures down to -90 °C.

A smart unit with many advantages

The UF V 350 is an extremely compact unit that was specially developed to save space in labs without compromising on performance. Its reduced footprint means that the UF V 350 can be effortlessly transported through standard doors, which makes it significantly easier to install and integrate into existing lab rooms. The unit can be optimally used to fill in for something larger in labs where space is limited, yet reliable and safe storage of samples must be ensured.

Despite its reduced size, the UF V 350 ultra-low-temperature freezer offers the same performance and reliability as its larger sister models, the UF V 500 and UF V 700. This enables users to store samples reliably, even in labs with limited space.


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