The top 30 analytical and life science instrument companies

Los Angeles, CA-The top 30 analytical and life science instrument companies accounted for more than $17 billion in revenues in 2005, approximately 61% of the total market, according to the April 15, 2006 issue of Instrument Business Outlook (IBO). The top 5 companies in 2005 were Applied Biosystems, Agilent Technologies, Thermo Electron, Waters Corporation and PerkinElmer.

The fastest growing companies among the top 30 in 2005 were Danaher, Spectris plc, Tecan, Fisher Scientific International and Invitrogen. Six of the top 30 companies recorded double-digit sales growth last year. IBO’s annual rankings of the top 30 instrument companies is based on analytical and life science instrument sales, including related after market and service revenues, in calendar year 2005. Sales include acquisitions and divestitures completed in 2005 and are rounded off to the nearest $5 million. When exact sales information is unavailable, estimates are made based on company reports, interviews and market trends. All foreign revenues are converted to US dollars.

Analytical and life science instruments are defined by nine categories (separations, life science, mass spectrometry, laboratory automation, atomic spectroscopy, molecular spectroscopy, surface science techniques, physical property testing, general analytical techniques) and do not include laboratory equipment, process analytical instrumentation or instruments designed exclusively for clinical applications.

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