The U.S. Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) provides further funding for Syagen’s MS-based Guardian® explosive trace detection portal

Mass Spectrometry trace detection technology moves toward a reality for security detection applications.

The DHS Science & Technology (S&T) office has provided a contract, to Syagen Technology Inc., to implement specific enhancements to their Guardian Explosives Trace Portal (ETP). This work will further expand the Guardian’s considerable explosives detection capabilities and provide additional operational features to improve the usability of the ETP for aviation security checkpoints and other security venues.

The Guardian ETP is designed for use at TSA aviation security checkpoints, in order to detect and deter suicide bomber threats to the traveling public and U.S. aviation assets. The Guardian allows for the non-invasive screening of airline passengers, with new levels of accuracy and throughput speed, and without the maintenance and operational issues associated with existing trace detection technologies. Dr. Jack A. Syage, President of Syagen commented, “We greatly appreciate this support from DHS, which further validates Mass Spectrometry as the next generation technology for use in trace detection of explosives and other chemical threats in the security field.”

About Syagen

Syagen Technology, Inc. is an analytical instrumentation company developing mass spectrometry products and technology for high-speed molecular analysis for a broad range of chemical analysis applications, ranging from homeland security to pharmaceutical analysis. Syagen is a leader in developing innovative mass spectrometry products, including the Guardianâ explosives trace detection portal for personnel screening and the PhotoMateâ line of Atmospheric Presssure Photoionization (APPIâ) s ources sold though leading OEM manufacturers of LC/MS instrumentation.

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