The ULTRA plus, a scanning electron microscope by Carl Zeiss SMT, enables outstanding high resolution imaging of non-conductive specimens

SII NanoTechnology Inc. today announced the sales launch of the ULTRA plus, a new scanning electron microscope (SEM) developed and manufactured by Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH. Featuring Carl Zeiss SMTfs unique charge compensation technology, ULTRA plus delivers high resolution, stable and noise-free images of non-conductive specimens by using its in-column secondary electron (SE) detector and electron backscatter (EsB) detector. This system will used for imaging, elemental analysis, testing and R&D in a wide range of fields, including material science, semiconductors, and life science.

When observing non-conductive specimens such as polymers and ceramics with conventional SEM, electron charging produces noise and low contrast, which can cause unclear images. In order to prevent this, specimens must be prepared by coating their surface with conductive materials such as gold or carbon. However, this preparation causes problems for precise imaging and accurate elemental analysis. Equipped with the new and unique charge compensation function, the ULTRA plus eliminates charges on non-conductive specimens by injecting inert gas into the imaging area. This function enables highly accurate imaging and elemental analysis of both non-conductive and conductive specimens without sample preparation.

Additionally, the ULTRA plus offers versatile new options such as Fish Eye mode, Economic Quiet mode, Laser Finder and OptiProbe for improved operability. The ULTRA plus will respond to the ever-expanding requirements of researchers for more accurate imaging and elemental analysis in fields such as electronics, including semiconductor devices, flat panel displays, and storage; material science, including polymers, ceramics, and metallurgy; and life science, including biology, pharmaceutics, and cosmetics.


1. The charge compensation functions for high resolution SEM imaging and accurate elemental analysis of non-conductive materials.

2. The Fish Eye mode to view the locations of specimens and detectors in chamber simultaneously.

3. The Economic Quiet mode effectively operates the roughing pump, which results in the elimination of running noise and significant energy saving.

4. The Laser Finder for easier sample positioning.

5. The OptiProbe supports the selection of the beam current.

Main Specifications:

Image resolution: 1.0nm@15Kv


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Magnification: 12X – 1000KX

Beam Current: 4pA – 20nA

12pA – 40nAiHigh current modej

Emitter: Schottky field emitter

Standard detectors: In-column SE detector

Charger SE detector

EsB detector, and AsB detector

Optional detectors: Semiconductor backscatter detector

Scintilator backscatter detector

STEM detector, and others.

Sample Chamber: Diameter: 330 mm; Height: 270 mm

Max. Sample Size: 130 x 130 x 50 mm

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