Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces HPLC Ion Exchange Columns for Protein Charge Variant and AAV Separation Analysis

SAN JOSE, Calif.


Thermo Fisher Scientific is providing biopharmaceutical research laboratories with a new line of ion exchange columns that deliver superior reproducibility, sensitivity and durability for charge-based analysis of therapeutic proteins and separation offull vs. empty adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids used for gene therapy.




The Thermo Scientific ProPac 3R HPLC column portfolio leverages a novel monodisperse particle platform and state-of-the-art separation power to deliver outstanding lot-to-lot reproducibility and consistent results over the lifecycle of a drug, from research and development to commercialization. The new 3 µm particle size enables a new level of performance with ultra-high resolution of charge variants, improved peak resolution and faster run times.

The portfolio supports strong anion-exchange (SAX) and strong cation-exchange (SCX) column chemistries, each with two column lengths (50mm and 100mm) and two inner diameters (2mm and 4mm).

Key Applications:

Biopharmaceutical laboratories performing charge variant analysis of therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies, and separation of full versus empty AAV capsids used for gene therapy


  • Compatible with the mobile phases and organic solvents used in biopharmaceutical applications
  • Designed with bio-inert materials to reduce secondary interactions
  • Improved peak-to-valley resolution of charge variants to increase certainty of quantification of critical quality attributes
  • Confidence in the detection and identification of new acidic or basic variants during late-stage development
  • High sample-loading capacity
  • Analytical flexibility for excellent sensitivity and performance under a broad range of pH, temperature and mobile phase compositions as well as MS capabilities


To learn more about the new ProPac 3R HPLC columns, please visit: Charge Variant Analysis HPLC Columns | Thermo Fisher Scientific – US

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