Thermo Introduces Two New HPLC Detectors for Extended Application Capabilities

ORLANDO, FLA.,– Thermo Electron Corporation, world leader in analytical instruments, offers its new Surveyor Plus Refractive Index and Surveyor Plus Fluorescence detectors designed to enhance chromatographers’ analytical capabilities when integrated with the Finnigan SurveyorTM PlusTM HPLC product line. As a result, both of these highly sensitive, low maintenance detectors enable chromatographers to run a greater variety of applications with one complete system.

The Surveyor Plus Refractive Index Detector is ideal for detecting compounds lacking chromaphores such as alcohols, fatty acids and esters. The Surveyor Plus Fluorescence Detector monitors the emissions of fluorescence, phosphorescence and chemiluminescence, and also analyzes polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), derivatized amino acids, carbamates and glyphosates.

The Surveyor Plus Refractive Index and Surveyor Plus Fluorescence detector integrate seamlessly with Thermo’s high through-put Finnigan Surveyor Plus HPLC system, allowing users to achieve accurate and reliable chromatographic analysis.

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