CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO – June 23, 2008 – Thesis Chemistry Inc. (Cambridge, ON) and Lanzhou ATECH Technologies Co., Ltd. (Lanzhou, P.R. China) announce a new partnership in chiral chromatography. Thesis Chemistry will exclusively market and distribute Lanzhou ATECH Technologies’ chiral chromatography columns and stationary phases in North America and Europe. In addition, Thesis Chemistry will provide the pharmaceutical industry with chiral screening, analysis and separation services at its Cambridge, ON laboratory facility. Dr. Takahiro Kubo will serve as Thesis Chemistry’s Manager, Separation Services. An official product launch and grand opening ceremony is being held today at Thesis Chemistry’s Cambridge facility.

“Lanzhou ATECH Technologies’ chiral columns and chiral stationary phases separate the mirror image forms of fine chemicals such as those found in pharmaceuticals” says Chang Qing, Director of the Board and President of Lanzhou ATECH Technologies. “In 2006, approximately 80% of the small-molecule drugs approved by the US FDA were chiral and roughly 75% were approved as single mirror image form products. Our chiral stationary phases were developed over the last ten years by Professor Liren Chen of Lanzhou University and are available in a variety of column dimensions. Our new business partnership with Thesis Chemistry opens the door to the west for customers to access our technologies and products.”

“We are extremely pleased to add Lanzhou ATECH Technologies to our list of premier industry partners, market their chiral separation products and utilize their technologies in our service business“, says Dr. John R. Peterson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Thesis Chemistry. “Chiral chromatography is a complimentary processing technology, relative to conventional chemical or biological procedures, for manufacture of chiral fine chemicals. Through this partnership we are bringing a highly specialized technology from China to Canada that is not otherwise available here, and which has already created new job opportunities for Canadians. We are equally excited to announce today the grand opening of our new chiral separation and cGMP manufacturing suites in Cambridge, ON and anticipate further growth of our Cambridge facility and staff in the near future.”

Thesis Chemistry delivers the chemistry necessary to take a drug from concept to commercialization. Established in 2002, Thesis Chemistry has locations in Mentor, Ohio USA (corporate headquarters), Cambridge, ON (chemical research and development, chiral chromatography and cGMP manufacturing) and Changzhou, China (chemical sourcing, manufacturing and export). The Company’s new expansions in Cambridge, ON follow on its growing collaborations with premier industry leaders like Lanzhou ATECH Technologies and Diteba Research Laboratories Inc. (Mississauga, ON). Through internal expertise and external partnerships, Thesis Chemistry is able to match the best chemical technologies and capabilities with a pharmaceutical customer’s specific project requirements. The customer benefits by reduced outsourcing burden, and a lower cost and shortened time of manufacture of their product.

Lanzhou ATECH Technologies is China’s largest and premier technology company in separation products and services for liquid and gas chromatography. The company is certified ISO9001:2000. Lanzhou ATECH Technologies’ highly qualified, multidisciplinary team applies state-of-the-art leading edge science in the development and manufacture of specialty separation products that find application in the fine chemical and food industries. Lanzhou ATECH Technologies’ products are used, marketed and distributed in North America and Europe by Thesis Chemistry.

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