Through its recent acquisitions of Labosystem S.r.l. and KW S.r.l., the Tecniplast group has expanded its laboratory operations, establishing a new division named TECNILABO

On September 2, 2023, Tecniplast, global leader in the design, production, and distribution of preclinical research products, successfully completed its acquisition of Labosystem S.r.l. ( and KW S.r.l. (, following its earlier acquisition of BioAir in 2021. These acquisitions have led to the formation of TECNILABO, a dedicated laboratory division. Bioair, KW and Labosystem are renowned for their cutting-edge lab furnishing and equipment, boasting a 100% Italian origin and a combined turnover of 30 million Euros. Through these acquisitions, the Group strengthens its leadership in the laboratory sector, particularly during a period of robust growth.

Labosystem S.r.l. stands as the leading laboratory furnishing company in the Italian market, specializing in the design, construction, and distribution of workstations, chemical hoods, safety cabinets, sensory analysis stations, and laboratory seating. Thanks to the advanced technology used and a highly specialized team, the company excels in meeting the diverse needs of modern laboratories. Attention to every detail ensures the optimization of laboratory spaces and workstations.

KW S.r.l. is a well-established Italian entity with a global presence in the planning, production, and distribution of a wide range of temperature-controlled equipment, spanning from -90°C to +300°C, primarily for scientific research in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The company serves as a reference point in over 80 countries, known for its reliability, extensive product range, and the application of its technology in temperature management across various industrial sectors. KW boasts a substantial track record in the scientific equipment segment, including products certified as “medical devices.” Its high technological standing is complemented by a broad sales network and comprehensive after-sales service.

Both KW and Labosystem actively contribute to reducing their environmental impact through ongoing organizational and technological investments, pioneering new solutions to minimize carbon footprints and combat global pollution.

Pietro Bernardini, Tecniplast’s Managing Director, remarked, “These acquisitions align with our growth strategy, enabling us to establish an Italian group in the dynamic laboratory market, currently undergoing a significant transformation. Tecniplast’s expansion in biomedical, hospital, and pharmaceutical research continues. TECNILABO can leverage Tecniplast’s global presence and organizational strength to provide top-tier service in its market and explore new geographical areas.

This new organizational structure will generate positive synergies as regards procurement, production, R&D, service, and logistics.

TECNILABO’s primary purpose is to increase the supply of new products and integrated services with the hallmark of excellence in line with the constant and ever growing requirements of scientific research.

Our mission – indeed our passion – is to continuously improve the quality of our products, ensuring the highest levels of safety and operator ergonomics, thus contributing to the advancement of biomedical research for our customers.

Buguggiate (Varese), September 2, 2023

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