Transforming TB testing with INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipette controllers

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Antrum Biotech, a healthcare innovations company dedicated to developing rapid diagnostic tools for diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), has integrated serological pipette controllers from INTEGRA Biosciences into its laboratories. The pipetting aids have become an invaluable asset in the company’s liquid handling workflows, streamlining the commercialization of a variety of innovative healthcare products that will have a lasting impact on how we diagnose and control disease.

Antrum Biotech, located at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, is a small start-up focused on translating scientific research into point-of-care diagnostic tests. The organization specializes in respiratory and infectious diseases, and recently developed the IRISA-TB™ assay – a novel diagnostic test for detecting extrapulmonary TB (EPTB) – in response to shortfalls in current testing methods.

The company acquired a PIPETBOY pro pipette controller to improve the efficiency of its liquid handling workflows, as Robbyn Mattei, Laboratory Scientist at Antrum Biotech, explained: “Bringing new diagnostic tools to market can be a notoriously slow and challenging process, but one way to accelerate product development is by investing in efficient and reliable laboratory equipment. Introducing the PIPETBOY pro to our laboratory transformed the speed and accuracy of our liquid handling steps, allowing us to achieve a new level of precision in handling samples, buffers and solutions for our research projects, while also saving us valuable time.”

“The PIPETBOY pro is lightweight, stable and easy to control, and the unique LED light feature is also useful, especially when we are trying to aspirate and dispense accurate liquid volumes in more dimly lit spaces. The pipette controller is also available in many different colors, allowing us to assign specific devices to different tasks or workstations in the lab to prevent contamination within our protocols. We highly recommend the PIPETBOY pro to any lab seeking to optimize its operations and achieve exceptional results,” Robbyn concluded.

Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to find out how the PIPETBOY pro pipette controller is accelerating the commercialization of innovative healthcare products.

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