U.S. Department of Homeland Security CEDAP Program Awarded $5.9M to Ahura Scientific, Inc.

Program Funds Equipment and Training for Smaller Communities Across the Nation to Help Prevent, Deter, and Respond to Terrorist Attacks

WILMINGTON, MA–(May 5, 2008) – Ahura Scientific, Inc., a leader in rugged, ultra-compact handheld instruments for chemical identification, today announced that more than 200 FirstDefenders® have been delivered as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s 2007 Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). In its first year as part of CEDAP, FirstDefender was offered as a bundle with MSA’s Sirius Multigas Detector in the CEDAP Chemical Detection Kit, with more kits requested and awarded than any other equipment offered in the chemical detection category.

Launched in 2005, Ahura Scientific’s FirstDefender is a light-weight, rugged instrument for rapid identification of unknown solids and liquids, including explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), narcotics, white powders and more. Using Raman spectroscopy, FirstDefender enables point-and-shoot identification through sealed plastic and glass containers for faster response and increased responder safety. FirstDefender provides the superior performance, portability, accuracy and durability required by today’s military and civilian first responders.

Since CEDAP’s inception in 2005, DHS has supplied an estimated 5,800 direct assistance awards worth more than $103 million to smaller communities nationwide. As part of the 2007 program, DHS provided $33.7 million to fund equipment and training for first responders.

“Ahura Scientific’s FirstDefender has been a ‘hot topic’ within our team ever since we first saw it demonstrated,” said Brent Ho, division chief, special operations, Boise Fire Department. “We knew it would be a great addition to the team’s resources, providing a critical capability that was missing from our chemical identification toolbox. CEDAP enabled us to acquire the FirstDefender without compromising my team’s budget — allowing us to provide the highest level of service to the community we serve.”

“Although smaller communities generally operate under highly constrained budgets, they are nevertheless needed to play a key role in regional terrorism response,” said Doug Kahn, chairman and CEO of Ahura Scientific, Inc. “CEDAP addresses this gap by providing critical equipment that may not normally be an option, increasing the agency’s ability to address and respond to potentially hazardous situations quickly. We’re pleased to be a part of such an important governmental effort in the fight against terrorism.”

Regional Technology Workshops

Ahura Scientific is now conducting a nationwide series of technology workshops, offering advanced skills training, technology briefings and expert analysis of key response scenarios. For information on upcoming workshops, contact [email protected].

About Ahura Scientific, Inc.

Ahura Scientific, Inc. is a leading provider of a new class of ultra-compact analytical instruments. These rugged handheld instruments are used for real-time identification of chemical substances. Customers include government agencies and companies in the safety and security, pharmaceutical, and consumer products markets. Manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001-certified facility, the company’s products offer exceptional portability and performance. For more information, visit www.ahurascientific.com.

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