Ultima Announces UG 100™ and Reveals Disruptive Cost and Accuracy Profile to Enable the Era of the $100 Genome and Beyond

  • Launches first commercial platform, the UG 100TM, targeting the high-throughput market and enabling commercial availability of the $100 genome
  • Showcases substantial improvements in indel accuracy with 99.4% INDEL F1 score and an expanded high confidence region
  • Reveals 1 in 1,000,000 raw read error rates for SNVs, or Q60-level accuracy, with new ppmSeqTM technology enabled by Ultima’s unique architecture

FREMONT, Calif. — Ultima Genomics, Inc., a developer of a revolutionary new ultra-high throughput sequencing architecture, today announced the full commercial availability of the UG 100TM sequencer. The UG 100TM system, Ultima’s first commercial product, leverages Ultima’s unique sequencing architecture featuring an open silicon wafer substrate to replace the traditional flow cells and enable the $100 genome and beyond.

“Our goal when designing our sequencing architecture and the UG 100TM was to provide a technology platform that enables a scalable roadmap beyond the $100 genome, ultra-high output without the limitations of batching, and extreme accuracy in applications for which it is most needed,” said Gilad Almogy, founder and CEO of Ultima Genomics. “We are excited to be launching the UG 100TM and helping the genomics community usher in the era of the $100 genome and beyond.”

The UG 100TM system – now commercially available

The UG 100TM, now available for purchase, features Ultima’s proprietary wafer-based sequencing substrate with flexible, non-kit-based sequencing reagent cartridges and a novel sequencing chemistry. Unlike more traditional kit-based approaches, this unique architecture allows for built-in robotics enabling full 24/7 run automation for improved flexibility with limited user touchpoints. The UG 100TM system also leverages recent advancements in machine learning to improve base calling and variant calling algorithms for improved accuracy and performance.

Select key features of the UG 100 system include:

  • Low cost reagents. One wafer and reagent configuration at a price of $2,000 delivers 6-8 B reads and an expected average read length of 300 base pairs, or an output of up to 2.4 Tb per wafer. This scalable configuration enables the $100 genome at an industry-leading price of $1.00 per Gb or $0.30 per million reads.
  • Flexibility and automation. Dual wafer sequencing run output of up to 4.8 Tb at a run time of 14 hours, or less than 12 hours for shorter read applications, and 6-8 B reads per wafer reduces need for complex batching while maintaining industry-leading price per Gb across a wide range of sample volume. On tool robotics and automated run kick off for full 24/7 operation and weekend sequencing operations with the standard 5-day work week.
  • Clinical quality genomes. Unique flow-based chemistry and rapid advancements in AI-based base and variant calling enable accuracy on par with other platforms with SNV F1 of 99.8% and INDEL F1 of 99.4%. Updated GIAB reference data set available on Ultima’s website.
  • Extreme accuracy for rare event applications. Industry-leading SNV accuracy profile and extreme accuracy technology with ppmSEQTM.
  • High production instrument. Capable of delivering 20 wafers per week and up to 20,000 genomes per year. For shorter read applications, the UG 100TM delivers 28 wafers per week.

Introducing ppmSeqTM – Q60 raw read accuracy for base substitutions

Today, the Company is also introducing ppmSeqTM, a disruptive new mode for extreme raw read accuracy in calling single nucleotide variants (SNVs). ppmSeqTM is a new proprietary feature enabled by Ultima’s unique approach that dramatically improves the raw read accuracy of calling SNVs by removing sample errors introduced upstream of the sequencing workflow. By using this feature, users of Ultima’s sequencing system can achieve raw error rates for SNVs as low as 1 in a million, or Q60 levels of accuracy. Importantly, this feature is native to Ultima’s sequencer and does not require any additional costs, extra reagents or workflow modifications.

With the launch of the UG 100TM system, Ultima looks to enable the next wave of biology powered by low-cost sequencing data generation. The UG 100TM system is currently available to order.

About Ultima Genomics

Ultima Genomics is unleashing the power of genomics at scale. The Company’s mission is to continuously drive the scale of genomic information to enable unprecedented advances in biology and improvements in human health. With humanity on the cusp of a biological revolution, there is a virtually endless need for more genomic information to address biology’s complexity and dynamic change—and a further need to challenge conventional next-generation sequencing technologies. Ultima’s revolutionary new sequencing architecture drives down the costs of sequencing to help overcome the tradeoffs that scientists and clinicians are forced to make between the breadth, depth and frequency with which they use genomic information. The new sequencing architecture was designed to scale far beyond conventional sequencing technologies, lower the cost of genomic information and catalyze the next phase of genomics in the 21st century. To learn more, visit www.ultimagenomics.com.

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