Veeco Introduces HarmoniX

New Quantitative AFM Mode for High-Resolution Material Mapping

PLAINVIEW, N.Y.–Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO – News), a leading provider of instrumentation to the nanoscience community, today introduced HarmoniXTM, a powerful new atomic force microscope (AFM) technique for high-resolution nanoscale imaging and analysis. Veeco’s HarmoniX Nanoscale Material Property Mapping enables AFM users to simultaneously, and in real-time, acquire high-resolution images as well as high-resolution, quantitative material property maps. The HarmoniX mode is now available on all Veeco scanning probe microscopes that are powered by the new NanoScope® V controller, including the MultiMode® V, DimensionTM V, and BioScopeTM II.

David Rossi, Vice President, General Manager of Veeco’s Nano-Bio AFM Business, commented, “HarmoniX is a significant breakthrough in SPM technology and opens the door to quantitative material property characterization at speeds and levels of resolution previously impossible. Our product scientists and engineering team collaborated with Dr. Ozgur Sahin, of the Rowland Institute at Harvard, to develop and bring this new patented technique to market. Thousands of publications have referenced Veeco’s AFMs, and we believe that HarmoniX, available exclusively from Veeco, represents a major leap forward to enable our customers’ further scientific discoveries.”

Dr. Bede Pittenger, Veeco Development Scientist, added, “HarmoniX provides an AFM user the ability to simultaneously capture quantitative maps of material properties, such as elasticity, adhesion, dissipation and peak force. The HarmoniX technique renders these maps at speeds that are orders of magnitude greater than currently-available force techniques, with the same level of high resolution our customers are accustomed to with Veeco’s TappingModeTM.”

About HarmoniX

Veeco’s NanoScope V microscope controller and proprietary probes provide the speed, signal levels, and processing power necessary to render high-resolution data never before seen in real time. HarmoniX acquires real-time force curves by measuring the cantilever’s torsional and flexural motion each time the AFM tip interacts with the surface in TappingMode. Proprietary algorithms instantly calculate the force curves that occur when the tip taps the surface, and analyze them to obtain multiple sample characteristics. These material properties are then rendered in image maps that correlate to the sample topography image. These maps are quantitative and directly traceable to the Elastic Modulus of the sample being imaged. To learn more about HarmoniX, and to see a video of how it works, please visit

About Veeco

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