Vizgen and Scale Biosciences Unveil Strategic Partnership at AGBT

With the combination of single-cell and spatial technologies, researchers can gain deeper understanding of the spatial organization and heterogeneity of cells within tissues

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Vizgen, Inc., the life science company dedicated to improving human health by visualizing single-cell spatial genomics information, has announced a partnership with Scale Biosciences (ScaleBio) to combine their single-cell and spatial technologies for enhanced data analysis at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2024 General Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

As part of the strategic partnership, Vizgen and ScaleBio will leverage their respective technology to generate high resolution data from serial mouse brain tissue sections for single cell RNA-seq, single cell DNA methylation and targeted spatial gene expression. They will also be able to demonstrate the measurements from single cell RNA-seq, targeted spatial gene expression profiling and single nuclei DNA methylation to identify matching cell types, including all major cell types in the brain and subtypes of neurons.

“The unique combination of our technology and that of ScaleBio is capable of powering deep analysis to uncover a tissue’s composition and the roles and interactions of heterogeneous cell types within that tissue. Such data can then be leveraged for a variety of applications, including neuroscience and cancer biology,” said Terry Lo, President and CEO of Vizgen. “We are committed to providing the scientific community with essential spatial tools and technologies to drive impactful discoveries, and our collaboration with ScaleBio has the potential to drive transformative advances in the field.”

The matched datasets will also allow for integration of Vizgen’s targeted neuronal panel with spatial mapping and cell-typing with ScaleBio’s high-throughput single-cell RNA data which enables profiling of low-abundance cells and non-targeted gene expression to map to the spatial analysis.

“Our highly scalable single-cell omics platform, paired with Vizgen’s highly multiplexed, high resolution in situ platform, enables our customers to greatly enhance the types of biological insights they can generate from studying the role of individual cells and cell types within tissues, powering new discoveries in critical areas of research,” said Giovanna Prout, President and CEO of ScaleBio. “This exciting partnership will allow us to further unlock the potential of single cell and spatial analysis by making these tools more accessible to scientific and research communities and giving our customers more options for combining technologies in their experiments.”

Vizgen and ScaleBio at AGBT 2024
Vizgen will be presenting three poster presentations at the 2024 AGBT General Meeting. In addition, Vizgen will sponsor a Women’s Networking Event on Tuesday, February 6, from 5:15 – 7:15 p.m. ET at the Sunset Terrace of the Caribe Royale. Featured speaker Kathleen Rubins, a renowned astronaut known for her achievements in space exploration and groundbreaking research, will share her insights on “Breaking Glass Ceilings.” Scale Biosciences will be hosting daily “Ask the Experts” technical office hours in Suite Bonaire 6, and will be hosting a Workshop on Wednesday, February 7 from 2:20 to 2:40 PM, Palms Ballroom II and III.

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