ZyGEM Announces Non-Exclusive Co-Marketing Agreement with Zee Tags for its livestockGEM™ Family of DNA Extraction Kits

–More than 250,000 Successful DNA Extractions Have Already Been Achieved By Combining the Innovative Products of Both Companies–

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. & ALBANY, New Zealand–ZyGEM Corp Ltd., a provider of novel enabling enzymatic tools for life sciences applications, today announced a non-exclusive agreement with Zee Tags, Ltd., a global leader in the provision of livestock identification products, to co-market ZyGEM’s new livestockGEM™ DNA extraction kits. LivestockGEM™ kits are specifically optimised and designed to facilitate the extraction of DNA from the various types of samples used for the genetic testing of animals.

The livestockGEM™ family of kits are the latest in a series of specially designed DNA extraction kits being released by ZyGEM. LivestockGEM™ uses ZyGEM’s unique thermophilic enzymes to extract DNA from samples in a single closed-tube system, simplifying laboratory workflow, minimising error and reducing the risk of contamination, while reducing costs to a level that makes genetic analysis feasible for routine applications such as breeding studies.

The new ZyGEM livestockGEM™ family of kits are easy to use and to automate for high-throughput applications using off-the-shelf robotic systems. They have been specifically formulated for DNA extraction from a range of animal sample types without the need for further purification, including ear punch microbiopsies, saliva and hair, as well as from blood and saliva DNA storage cards. The kits provide PCR-ready DNA for 96 samples in just 20 minutes with no hands-on attention required. With livestockGEM™ kits, both experienced and novice staff can prepare DNA samples up to three times faster than with existing products.

“As a leader in the provision of highly effective, easy-to-use systems for livestock identification, we are always looking to offer our livestock customers a superior way to obtain DNA samples from their animals,” said Michael Gardner, Managing Director of Zee Tags. “ZyGEM’s accurate, fast, easy-to-use kits reduce the time, cost and complexity of obtaining DNA samples, which should further spur our industry’s growing interest in using genetic analyses for routine applications on an ongoing basis. We also expect that ZyGEM will help us reach new customers for our products as a result of their own marketing efforts.”

Zee Tags is a world leader in innovative identification systems that offer farmers a safe and simple way to identify cattle, sheep, deer and other livestock, including visual identification ear tags and RFID tags. The patented Zee Tags Tissue Sampler System allows farmers to simultaneously take a very small tissue sample directly from an animal while using the unique Zee Tag applicator that is widely used for ear-tagging for identification purposes. The sample can then be easily transported in a specially designed tube to a laboratory for DNA extraction and testing, minimising the time, bother and cost of collecting DNA samples. Zee Tags’ distribution network enables it to reach livestock producers all around the globe.

“The expanded collaboration between ZyGEM and Zee Tags, a recognised world leader in animal identification products, will allow farmers and laboratories engaged in the rapidly growing field of animal DNA testing to easily access our innovative enabling technology for DNA extraction,” said Paul Kinnon, CEO of ZyGEM. “We look forward to expanding this very productive relationship, which we view as a model for our global strategy of establishing a range of significant collaborations and partnerships in key markets for our enzyme-based life sciences business.”

For more information on livestockGEM™ and other ZyGEM families of DNA extraction kits, visit www.zygem.com/Products/Products-Ovw.html or email [email protected]

For more information on Zee Tags’ identification products, visit www.zeetags.com

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About ZyGEM

ZyGEM Corporation Limited is a rapidly growing biotechnology company with a range of innovative enzyme-based products and technologies based on the company’s exclusive collection of microorganisms from extreme environments. ZyGEM’s technology has significant competitive advantages over existing methods and has potential applications in a number of sizeable global markets. ZyGEM currently produces DNA extraction and detection products, molecular biology enzymes and individual enzymes and diagnostics, serving life sciences customers in basic research, forensics, clinical diagnostics and agriculture. ZyGEM has facilities in New Zealand and the U.S. For more information, visit www.ZyGEM.com.

About Zee Tags

New Zealand-based Zee Tags is committed to providing innovative high quality animal identification products. It is a world leader in identification systems that offer farmers a safe and simple way to identify cattle, sheep, deer and other livestock, including visual identification ear tags and RFID tags. Zee Tags’ revolutionary and patented products add a new dimension to animal ear tags with faster application, highly visible permanent printing and better retention. Zee Tags’ leading edge R&D has led to the development of its patented tag applicators, and Zee Tags offers the next generation in tag printing—which provides a permanent bold mark for the life of the tags. For more information, visit www.zeetags.com.

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