Atomic Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments opened a laboratory and sales, service and marketing office in Tokyo, Japan, in May. The facility is jointly operated with EDAX. SPECTRO has an installed base in Japan of more than 700 systems.

AMETEK opened an office in Vällingby, Sweden, in June, that will initially provide sales, service and technical support for SPECTRO Analytical Instruments.

PANalytical and Malvern Instruments opened a US office in Westborough, Massachusetts, in May, that consolidates their former East Coast and West Coast sites.

Rigaku Americas named CFO Wes Hardenburg president and CEO in June. He succeeds Dr. Paul Swepston, who will continue in a strategic capacity and serve as senior advisor to Rigaku’s CEO.

Agilent and Australia’s University of Technology Sydney established the UTS Elemental Bio-Imaging Facility in June to develop methods of imaging small amounts of metal, trace elements and other elements in tissues using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma MS to diagnose diseases and to understand drug actions and side effects.

In September, Innov-X Systems acquired the assets of Australian distributor JBS Technologies.

Product Introductions

Bruker AXS introduced the TRACERturboSD XRF instrument in June, featuring a silicon drift detector (SDD) for improved speed, sensitivity and resolution.

Oxford Instruments launched the X MET5000, its fourth generation X-ray tube based handheld detector.

In September, Oxford Instruments introduced the X-MET 5100 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, featuring a SDD.

PANalytical released the SuperQ 4.0 Thin Film package for its X-Pert PRO MRD X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems.

SII Nanotechnology launched the SEA6000VX Fluorescent X-ray Analyzer, an energy dispersive XRF for the measurement of metal traces in micro-spot that does not require liquid nitrogen and for 2D elemental mapping.

Hitachi High-Technologies Japan released the HG-400 automated mercury analyzer based on cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry, with a detection limit of 0.5 ppt.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the OXSAS analytical software for its ARL 4460 optical emission spectrometer.

EDAX launched the Orbis micro-XRF elemental analyzer with a motorized turret that integrates video and X-ray optics, allowing coaxial sample view and X-ray analysis.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies introduced the maintenance-free Meteor1D XRD detector.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments launched the SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF spectrometer, its first handheld XRF system, featuring an SDD.

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