Atomic Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

In October, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science named LABCONTROL as the exclusive Brazilian distributor for its atomic spectroscopy product lines.

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science moved its US corporate office in October to a new location in Westford, Massachusetts, marking the final phase in the transition resulting from the sale of Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis to Hitachi High-Technologies (see IBO 4/30/17).

In October, Quantum Analytics entered into a distribution agreement for Bruker AXS’ S2 PUMA and S2 POLAR ED-XRF systems, as well as the D2 PHASER XRD system.

Product Introductions

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science introduced in October the entry-level XMET8000 Smart model. The new model allows users to pick up to three calibrations: Alloy FP, Aluminum FP and Precious FP.

In October, Bruker launched the S2 POLAR , a new multielement benchtop analyzer based on polarized ED-XRF. The S2 POLAR analyzes ultra-low sulfur content and achieves detection limits in the sub-ppm range for gasoline, kerosene and diesel.

VELP announced in October the CN 802 combustion analyzer for carbon and nitrogen determination. It features flash determination of carbon and nitrogen content in 34 minutes, and connection to the VELP Ermes cloud platform.

In October, XOS debuted the Petra Series Autosampler, an automatic sampler with sample tracking and continuous sample loading for XRF. The autosampler is an add-on feature to the Petra MAX and Petra 4294 HDXRF analyzers. It features sample tracking, continuous sample loading and customizable software features. The company also released a Gen 4 software upgrade for the Petra Series.

In November, Agilent Technologies introduced the Agilent ICP-MS Water Analyzer for environmental labs, representing an end-to-end workflow for analyzing water quality based on regulations established by the US EPA and the International Organization for Standardization. The offering includes the Agilent 7800 ICP-MS, browser-based ICP Go Software, and ICP implementation services.

Sales and Orders of Note

In October, Whitehouse Labs, a division of CRMO AMRI, announced the addition of an Agilent Technologies 7900 ICP-MS system for impurity testing of drug products and APIs.

AXT announced in October the installation of Rigaku’s MiniFlex XRD instrument at the University of Sydney in Australia’s School of Chemistry in Australia.

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