Atomic Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

SPEX SamplePrep is now the exclusive US distributor of Katanax Automated Electric Fluxers.

Skyray Instrument entered the US market in March with four instruments, including the portable Pocket-II x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF).

Thermo Fisher Scientific added an optical emission and X-ray spectroscopy product demonstration center to its Training Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Building upon their existing OEM relationship, Intellection will directly supply XRF and x-ray diffraction systems from Bruker AXS GmbH to its customers, and the companies will undertake joint development projects.

In May, Horiba Instruments and Horiba Jobin Yvon entered into an exclusive strategic agreement with Qwest Scientific Group for their elemental analyzer product line for the West, Southwest and Pacific Northwest.

XRF Analytical AB signed a letter of intent with Thermo Fisher Science in April for sales and marketing cooperation for its MultiScat software for XRF.

Product Introductions

Innov-X Systems introduced the XRF-based QXR-M high-volume sorting and separating system for metals recycling.

XOS released the portable/benchtop SINDIE 7039 OTG sulfur analyzer, which utilizes a monochromatic wavelength dispersive (WD)–XRF technique.

Mettler-Toledo launched the compact HB43-S Halogen Moisture Analyzer, featuring two drying methods.

Mettler-Toledo released the MJ33 moisture analyzer for routine testing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the compact ARL OPTIM’X WD–XRF spectrometer with SMS-Omega automation for fully automated sample preparation and analysis in metals, mining, minerals and cement industries.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Thermo Scientific FLASH 4000 Nitrogen/Protein analyzer based on a carbon dioxide adsorber regenerating technology.

PANalytical released a series of new petrochemical standard sets, made by VHG Labs, for XRF.

Sales/Orders of Note

In May, Rigaku Americas announced the 50th sale of its ACTOR robotic protein crystal handling system to the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in the UK. The product’s first sale was in 2001.

In May, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced that the metal manufacturer Plansee Group purchased the 1000th iCAP 6000 Series inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer.

In May, Spectro Analytical Instruments announced the production of its 2500th Spectromaxx metal analyzer for sale to Piaggio India.

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