Atomic Spectroscopy: Product Introductions

Horiba Jobin Yvon introduced the second-generation XGT-1700 WR and 5700 WR ED-XRF imaging microscopes, designed for production line usage. Additions include a 3 mm X-ray beam and a combined dual optical filter. New Wave Research launched the U193-FX, a 193 nm, short-pulse excimer laser ablation system for ICP-MS. Elvatec introduced the ElvaX mini ED-XRF alloy analyzer. Rigaku Americas introduced the FR-E+ SuperBright microfocus rotating anode X-ray source for structural biology. Agilent launched the 7500x ICP-MS, which uses helium collision mode for all elements. JEOL Japan released the JSX-3100RII ED-XRF, the successor to the JSX-3100R. Oxford Instruments introduced the X-MET3000TXV+ portable XRF with vacuum pump for the analysis of light metals.

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