Liquid Chromatography: Company Announcements

SofTA added Disruptive Technologies as a distributor of its evaporative light scattering detectors for France, Belgium and Switzerland. SofTA named California, US-based Bay Scientific as a distributor in April. Eksigent Technologies’ NanoLC HPLC product line is now distributed in the Benelux region by Separations Analytical Instruments BV. Serlabo Technologies now exclusively distributes Eksigent’s NanoLC HPLC product line in France. New Zealand Scientific now distributes Eksigent’s NanoLC HPLC products in New Zealand and, through its partner Australasian Analytical Systems, in Australia. Interface Engineering, a division of Bio-Medical Science, now distributes Eksigent’s NanoLC and Express LC products in Korea. Viscotek appointed MD Scientific ApS as its exclusive Danish distributor. ESA Biosciences established a European Center for Neuroscience in Milan, Italy. TechniKrom signed an agreement to exclusively represent KNAUER GmbH’s preparative LC and simulated moving bed equipment in the US, and KNAUER will provide sales, service and support for TechniKrom’s European clients. Thermo Fisher Scientific released a software control for MayLab Analytical Instruments’ MistraSwitch multicolumn selector for the Mistral oven for use with its Surveyor Plus HPLC. Validation company VALcoa entered into a partnership with NLG Analytical. Dionex appointed David Fairbanks vice president of Information Technology, effective May 1. He was formerly chief information office of Silicon Graphics.

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