Atomic Spectroscopy: Product Introductions

XOS introduced the Clora benchtop analyzer for the determination of chlorides in liquid hydrocarbon samples using monochromatic WD-XRF.

Cosa Instrument launched the Model CA/KF200 moisture meter for analysis down to 1 ppm.

Mettler-Toledo introduced the HB43-S halogen moisture analyzer for routine moisture determination.

PANalytical released the compact, cost effective MiniPal 4 Sulfur ED-XRF spectrometer.

Agilent integrated its 7500 Series ICP-MS with its OpenLAB enterprise content management system.

Bruker AXS introduced the Microstar Ultra II ultra-bright X-ray source, featuring Ultra Focus electron optics for a higher intensity X-ray beam.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the TS 4000 Total Sulfur Analyzer, which can determine trace-level sulfur in cetane improver and comes standard with the NeXYZ liquid autosampler.

Oxford Instruments released the INCAx-act analytical silicon drift detector, which is offered with guaranteed carbon resolution.

PANalytical introduced the CubiX Walk-Up X-ray powder diffraction system for fully automated analysis.

PANalytical launched the PIXcel photon counting X-ray detector, the first commercial application of the Medipix2 chip, which was developed by the public-private Medipix Collaboration.

LECO released the TruSpec Micro CHN and CHNS analyzers.

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